T-day Securities Loan (online)

1. Introduction:

“No need to wait until 3 days to receive money after selling of  securities" 

With T-day Securities Loan of up to 95% of securities sale, your capital turnaround will be faster and thus leads you to greater successess.

2. Description of product:

  • Type of currency: Vietnam dong (VND)
  • Loan rate: According to current interest rate provided by DongA Bank at each time.
  • Loan money for each time: Minimum of 5,000,000 dong and maximum of 95% of the successful securities proceeds sale, excluding of fee.
  • Time when investor can apply for loan: The day of T, T+1 and T+2 of the successful securities sale order. Loan contract of the Investor will be approved by DongA Bank during working hours.
  • Collateral assets: Money generated form successful securities sale that not yet transferred into investor's account.
  • Loan procedure: When the securities sale order is successful, the investor may actively request for T-day Securities Loan via website of Securities Company or DongA Bank's Internet Banking site  ( Customers please read the instructions on T-day Securities Loan at item: "Instructions on securities service utilization" at DongA Bank's Internet Banking site .
  • Loan payment procedure: on T+3 day when securities sale of T day is paid to the investor, DongA Bank system will automatically collect of debt and loan interest (calculated according to the actual number of loan days) via card account of the investor opened at DongA Bank.
  • Loan application approval time: 5 minutes (since the time for loan request by investor being sent to DongA Bank).
  • Management of loan payment on T+3 day: When collecting debt on T+3 day, DongA Bank system will automatically send SMS to Investor for notification of amount collected by DongA Bank.

3. Eligible customers:

  • Iinvestors of Securities Company that has collaborated with DongA Bank and has agreed to offer "Online T-day Securities Loan" with DongA Bank.
  • Have registered for securities transactions via card account opened at DongA Bank.
  • Have registered for DongA Bank's eBanking services (supplied by DongA's eBanking - SMS/Internet/Mobile Banking) such as Receiving notice when account balance changes or Account transfer via SMS/Internet/Mobile Banking
  • Have successful securities sale order but money not yet transferred into investor's account.

4. Benefits

Simple procedure, completely online: Without having to contact Securities Company and DongA Bank, only with a computer connected with Internet, investor can  make a request for T-day Securities Loan.

5. Eligible Securities companies:

The product of T-day Securities Loan has been developed by DongA Bank to Investors of the following Securities Companies:

  • Gia Quyen Securities Company.
  • Oriental Commercial Bank Securities Company.

At present, DongA Bank has successfully connected with Securities Companies of Gia Quyen, Golden Lotus, Bao Viet, Oriental, KimEng Vietnam and Vien Dong. Investors of these companies may request to open a Securities Card at any DongA Bank Branches all over the country in order to make securities transactions.

  6. Contacts:
  For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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