Overdraft Facility via Multi-Functional Card Account


1. Introduction

Overdraft Facility via DongA Bank Multi-Functional Card Account is a quick loan service via card, helping you quickly deal with unexpected financial demand and relieving of "quick" loan burden with high interest. With one time registration, customers can withdraw money at any time with a credit limit exceeding the current balance in the account and interest rate is only counted when customers actually start using the loan.

2. Description of product

  • Credit limit:
    • Subject1 – Customer receiving via DongA Bank Multi-Functional Card: Maximum 3 months of salary but not more than 50 million dong.
    • Subject 2 - Officer - employee in non-profitable Administrative Sector: Maximum 5 months of salary but not more than 50 million dong.
    • Subject 3 - Owner of Golden Card provided by Dong A Bank: Maximum 50 million dong.
    • Subject 4 - Customer having mortgage assets: 70% of the value of mortgage assets but not more than 50 million dong.
    • Subject 5 - Shareholders of Dong A Bank: One time for the lump sum of total value for share face, which is owned, with maximum 01 billion dong.
  • Type of currency: VND.
  • Interest rate: According to current regulations by DongA Bank.
  • Loan term: Maximum 12 months.
  • Loan payment: Money is automatically deducted to pay of debt and loan interest for customer, when the account is credited.

3. Eligible customers and application conditions

  • Card owner of DongA  (only applied for the principal card owner), having resided in the same area as DongA Bank, including as follows:
    • Customer receiving salary via DongA Bank Multi-Functional card.
    • Officer - employees in non-profitable, Administration Sector.
    • Owner of Golden Card provided by DongA Bank.
    • Customer having real estate as the mortgage assets
    • Shareholders of DongA Bank.

4. Loan application procedure

  • Request for overdraft registration of card account.
  • Confirmation sheet of occupation, labor contract and wage rate (subjects 1 and 2).
  • Documents relating to backing assets (subject 4).

5. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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