Securities Loan

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1. Introduction:

Are you an active securities investor?
Are you in need of capital for many potential portfolios?
With the service of Securities Loan, DongA Bank is willing to support demand for capital to help you realize investment opportunity in the securities market.


2. Description of product

  • Credit limit:
    • For listed shares (deposit): Maximum 70% of share price at the borrowing time, but not more than 4 times of share face value.
    • For unlisted shares (OTC): Maximum 70% of share price at the borrowing time, but not more than 4 times of share face value.
    • Acceptable share rate for mortgage: Kindly contacting to the nearest Head office and branches.
  • Type of currency: VNĐ.
  • Interest rate: According to regulations by DongA Bank from time to time.
  • Loan term: Maximum 12 months (loan time limits: 3, 6, 9, 12 months).
  • Loan payment method: 02 flexible methods will be applied, depending on demand and capacity of customer.
    • Monthly payment of interest relative to the actual balance and principal paid at the end of term.
    • End-term lump sum payment of interest and principal.
  • Collateral security: 
    • Mortgage is carried out by shares under legal ownership of customer, who are listed at Stock Exchange Center and deposited at Dong A Bank Securities Company (DAS) or unlisted shares (OTC) in the list of shares accepted by DongA Bank for mortgage.
    • Other assets determined by DongA Bank.

3. Eligible customers and application conditions

  • Vietnamese citizen, having Family record book/KT3 and to be resided in the same area as DongA Bank.
  • Having demand of loan, appropriate with regulations by DongA Bank.
  • Having no overdue debt at any credit institution.
  • Having backing assets as stipulated by DongA Bank.

4. Loan application procedure

  • Loan application form (according to form given by DongA Bank).
  • Family record book/KT3, ID card/Passport (copy and original for comparison).
  • Explanation of loan use for those used for business purpose, with amount from over 300,000,000 dong.
  • Confirmation sheet for account blockade of securities transaction at DAS.
  • Confirmation sheet for share freeze at issue entity (OTC). Request for stock transfer (according to form given by share issue entity).
  • Copy of share or documents relating to other mortgage assets.


5. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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