Market Business Loan

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1. Introduction:

Thanks to the product of Market Business Loan provided by DongA Bank, small traders will be no longer under the pressure of "quick loan" when they need more capital for trading. At present, DongA Bank is the only bank providing this service to support the demand of capital for small traders, with optimal credit limit and competitive interest rate. 

2.  Description of product
  • Credit limit: Maximum 50 million dong.
  • Type of currency: VND
  • Interest rate: According to current regulations by DongA Bank.
  • Loan term: From 30 - 180 days (maximum 30 days for a debt receipt time)
  • Method of debt: Daily debt payment (principal + interest).
  • Backing assets: Stall use right.

3. Eligible customers and application conditions
  • Small traders in all markets (in the same area as DongA Bank Branches, which are approving the market business loan).
  • DongA Bank directly lend small traders under supervision of Market Management Board.

4. Loan application procedure
  • Loan application form and dent receipt contract (DongA Bank sample)
  • Copy of ID card & Family record book/KT3 of the individual borrower.
  • Copy of stall ownership
  • List of small traders for loan borrowing certified by Market Management Board, in which the address, ownership and value of stall will be confirmed by Market management board. .
5. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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