Installment Consumption Loan

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1. Introduction:

DongA Bank's monthly installment consumption loan, which requires no collateral security is a helpful assistant to customers with daily un-anticipated consumption needs.

2. Description of product:

  • Credit limit: Maximum 10 months of salary but not over 50 million dong
  • Type of currency: VND
  • Interest rate: According to current regulations by Dong A Bank
  • Loan term: Maximum 60 months
  • Loan payment:  Monthly installment (gross interest)
  • Loan type: Completely credit. No collateral security needed.

3. Eligible customers and application conditions

  • Employees of companies with collaboration contract with DongA Bank
  • Having family record book/KT3 in the same area with DongA Bank
  • Having stable income level, and the amount monthly installment will not be more than 50% of total income.
  • Loan term must not exceed the remaining period of Labor Contract
  • Borrower must have no loan balance under form of salary deduction with his/her company.
  • Company's staff who was authorized to sign the collaboration contract.
  • Every month, the company must agree to deduct the borrower's salary to debit into DongA Bank's account.

4. Loan application procedure

  • Application form certified by company's management (DongA Bank's sample ).
  • Copy of ID card/passport & Family record book/KT3 of the borrower.
  • Certification of the borrower's salary from Management Board of Directors.
  • Payroll of the 3 latest months .
  • The company must collect from 5 loan applications onwards
  • Collaboration Contract signed by DongA Bank and the company.

5. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:


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