Loan Secured by Certificate of Deposit

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1. Introduction:

With a saving account at DongA Bank, customers can use the service of  Loan Secured by Certificate of Deposit for financial funding for their business and consumption demands. With attractive interest rate and high credit limit up to 90% of existing savings book value, this service will help customers to turn over their capital faster and more effective.

2. Description of product

  • Credit limit: Maximum 90% of DongA Certificate of Savings book value.
  • Type of currency: VND.
  • Interest rate: As regulated by DongA Bank at the point in time.
  • Loan term: Equal to the remaining term of the savings book, maximum 12 months.
  • Loan payment method: Term-end payment of principal, monthly payment of interest relative to account outstanding.

3. Eligible customers and application conditions

  • Individuals who are the legal owner of DongA Bank Savings Book.
  • Individual guaranteed by a third party on the basis of DongA Bank Certificate of Deposit mortgage.
  • Having demand for loan borrowing, in compliance with regulations by DongA Bank.
  • Having backing assets: Savings book opened at DongA Bank.

Loan application procedure

  • Loan application form (according to form of DongA Bank).
  • ID card/Passport (copy and original for comparison).
  • DongA Bank Savings Book.

5. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:


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