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Should enterprises need funding for reserve procurement of  materials, goods for export activities, DongA Bank is the first place to come to! With service of Reserved procurement  financing, DongA Bank will meet all demands timely and effectively.


1. Introduction



Reserved procurement  financing is a short term loan  to meet demand of supplementing of current capital  for procurement payment of  reserved materials, goods for exports production and making business when there is no export contract, or only principle contract is available.
 2. Benefits


  • Financing is carried out when there is no export contract, or only principle contract is available.
  • Flexible financing since from material procurement to the receiving of  money from import partner.
  • Be financed without collateral  relative to each kind of customers.
  • Reasonable interest rate.
  • Simple loan borrowing procedure, with fast documents handling


3. Eligible customers Exporters 4.Product features


  • Currency: VND or foreign currency.
  • Loan period: Flexible,  9 months at maximum
  • Loan methods: time by time or according to credit limit
  • Loan interest: According to regulations by  DongA Bank in each period
  • Collaterals: Real estates, goods and assets from borrowed funds etc, or without collaterals.


5. Conditions


  • Having legal purpose of loan use
  • Having sufficient financial capability, ensuring for repayment in committed term.
  • Having feasible and effective production and business plan
  • Implementation of  export professions via DongA Bank  

6. Documents

  • Loan application form (according to form, download form)
  • Business plan
  • Legal documents (Business registration certificate, corporate regulations etc)
  • Financial statement in 03 latest years (if any)
  • Documents for proving of loan use purpose
  • Copy of documents for collaterals
  • Other documents as required by the bank.


7. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:


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