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Transferable Export Letter of Credit

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1. Introduction


The service of Transferable export letter of credit of  supplied by DongA Bank is developed to meet companies' demand  in term of  fast, highly secured and accurate transfer of export letter of credit. 


2. Product features

  • Transferable export letter of credit to second beneficiary can be carried out.
  • Replacing and checking of documents.
  • Making of procedures for demanding the payment of money, tracking and crediting entry into account when paid

3. Benefits

  • Fast and effective procedures for transfer
  • Customers shall be consulted in details regarding procedures, making of documents to reduce risks and ensure for safety in payment
  • Attractive service fee.


4. Fees and charges Please see here for fees and charges



5. Documents

  • L/C for export and  amendment of L/C (if any)
  • Request form for L/C transfer (according to form by DongA Bank)
  • Replaced documents as required  (when making of procedures for demanding payment of money from bank)



6. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
• Head office/Branches/Transaction Offices/24h Transaction Offices of DongA Bank or
• Customer Service Center
   Hotline: 1900545464


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