Doctor Card


1. Introduction

With high respect for the valuable contribution of doctors, DongA Bank is please to introduced Doctor card (Dr Card), which is specially designed for doctors, physicians. With  Dr Card, Doctors will become VIP customers of  DongA Bank and will be able enjoyed high service as well as other privileges with us.

2. Product features

3. Benefits

  • Using Dr Card, customers will be identified and served as  VIP customers of DongA Bank  
  • Enjoy the full product features of DongA Bank Multi-function card
  • Customer will also be provided with value added benefits, developed from suggestions of customers themselves via 1900545464 hotline or direct suggestions DongA Bank transaction centers.. 


4. Fees and charges

  • Issuance fee: Free
  • Card replacement fee due to damage after 3 years: Free
  • Replacement fee due to lost or intentionally damaged by cardholder: 50,000 VND/card
  • Annual fee: 50,000VND/year
  • DongA Bank will transfer all collected annual fee for 1st year to local charity organization where customers open card  

Other fees are applied as per fee regulations for cardholders of DongA Bank Multifunctional card  

5. Usage conditions:

Eligible customer for card issuance : Individual or management board of companies and organizations in medical sectors. Doctors, Physicians and Pharmacists  iworking in hospitals, medical centers, Medical Universities, Medical Organization ( including retired doctors) .

6.Registration procedure

  • Card registration form with picture size 4x6
  • Copy of ID card or Military ID card or Passport (No  notarization needed. Original copy needed for comparison) 
  • Group registration: List of applicants, with signature and seal of medical organization
  • Individual registration: Medical staff card, Introducing letter, and Certification documents for eligible applicant.

7. Preferential credit policy for Dr card and  Visa card  (same owner):

  • For management board: maximum 200 million
  • For other Dr Card owner:
    • Customer receiving salary via DongA Bank account:  maximum 05 times of monthly income,  not over 100 million.
    • Customer not receiving salary via DongA Bank account: maximum.03 times of monthly income. Maximum limits follow below seniority table.


Working seniority

Maximum credit limits


Seniority is under 3 year

30,000,000 VND


Seniority is under 6 year

50,000,000 VND


Seniority is above 6 year

80,000,000 VND



8. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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