DongA Bank Multi-functional Card

1. Introduction:

With the purpose of reducing the amount of cash circulation in the market  to achieve lower risks, DongA Bank proudly present DongA Bank Multifunction Card, the ATM card with the most features in the current card market. This card is capable of essential transactions as withdrawal, deposit,online transfer,automatic payment,electronic salary payment,online shopping etc, giving customers the most advanced technology and convenience. DongA Bank Multi-functional Card  is also the key to help you access and use  other products and services supplied by DongA bank with many benefits and advantages.

2. Product features:
  • Cash withdrawals in 1600 ATM systems ( VNBC system)  and other banks' ATMs linked to DongA Bank systme  (See attached file ).
  • Cash deposit via ATM 24/24.
  • Account transfer via ATM/ POS/ DongA eBanking
  • Payment for online shopping at online supermarkets :;;;;, etc.
  • Enjoying non-term interest for account balance.
  • Cashless payment at shops and supermarkets : Co-op Mart, MaxiMark, Metro, PNJ, Kinh Do...
  • Automatic bill payment: electricity, water, telephone, internet, insurance, taxi and debts.
  • Vieing and printing of account statements via ATM.
  • Purchasing  of scratch cards (such as telephone, internet prepaid card...etc) via ATM or DongA eBanking.
  • Salary receiving via DongA Bank Multi-functional card
  • Transaction via "DongA eBanking":  credit transfer, online payment, purchasing of scratch card, receiving notice in case of balance change, balance checking, list of transactions etc.

3. Benefits:

  • When receiving salary via DongA Bank Multi-functional card account or regularly making transactions via card, customer shall be considered for overdraft (i,e. Customer can withdraw money or make a payment even when account balance reaches 0 and return the amount later. ).
  • DongA Bank also organizes promotional programs regularly.

4. Fees and charges

  • Card issuance fee: free of charge
  • Annual fee: 50,000 dong/per year. Currently, there are many policies for annual fee exemption/reduction.
  • Transaction fee is exempted for transactions taken place in provinces/ cities where card is opened
  • For details, please refer to Fees and charges table for DongA Bank Multi-functional Card.

5. Conditions for using card

6. Registration

Please read DongA Bank Multi-functional Card Usage Regulations before registration.

  • Card registration form with attached picture size 4x6 or 3x4 
  • Copy of ID card or Military ID card or Passport (No notarization needed. Original copy needed for comparison)

7. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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