Securities Multi-Functional Card

Investors' companion on the road to success

1. Introduction

Securities Multi-functional Card enhances your chance of success with securities invest. Only DongA Bank, the holder of  Securities Multi-functional Card can easily and efficiently grab investment opportunities  thanks to "T-day Securities Loan". 

2. Product features

With full product features of DongA Multi-functional Card.

3. Benefits

  • With full advantages and characteristics of DongA Multi-functional Card
  • Service fee for account statement printing/viewing at DongA Bank counters located in Securities Companies: free of charge
  • Service fee for payment for buying/selling/deposit of securities and dividend receipt via card: free of charge
  • Customers can apply for “
  • T-day Securities Loan” service
  • Customers can make online securities trading transactions such as securities sales and purchase, deposit, dividend payment (with Securities companies linked with DongA Bank)
  • And other additional benefits (if any) as per agreed by DongA Bank and Securities companies

4. Fees and charges

  • Free for first card issuance .
  • Free for annual fee in the first year.
  • Annual fee from 2nd year: 50,000 dong/ a year.
  • Card issuance fee when expired: Free.
  • Free for added services at DongA Bank counters located in securities companies

Other fees are applied as shown in Table of fee for DongA Multi-functional Card

5. Usage regulations

  • Copy of ID card or Military ID card or Passport (No notarization needed. Original copy needed for comparison)
  • Customer must open securities account with securities companies .
  • Customer must register for DongA eBanking  service (or at least, the service of balance change notification via SMS). 

Validity of card: 3 years.  

6. Registration

  • Card Registration Form (as specified by DongA Bank).
  • Copy of ID card or Military ID card or Passport (No notarization needed. Original copy needed for comparison)
  • Copy of Contract for opening of security account  (Original copy needed for comparison).
  • Registration Form for DongA eBanking service.

In case customer already has DongA Multi-functional Card, he/she can switch to Securities Card in order enjoy advantages and privileged policies of this card . 
If customer would like to use both cards, they shall pay the annual fee for these cards, as per stated in terms and conditions of each card .

7. Location for registration

  • DongA Bank Transaction Office Network or DongA Money Transfer Branches
  • Transaction booths of DongA Bank located in Securities companies.


8. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

          Hotline: 1900545464


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