Student Card

Sample for Student card

1. Introduction

Integration of many utilities in a single card, Student Card of DongA Bank is students' best friend in today's dynamic and modern life. Using DongA Bank's Student Card, you can pay for tuition, receive scholarship via card as well as perform other financial transactions: withdrawal, deposit, account transfer, automatic bill payment and online shopping etc

2. Product features and benefits

  • Full product features and benefits as DongA Bank Multi-functional Card
  • Magnetic stripe card technology is combined with Student card to help with school's student management work: Entry and exit of library and computer room, tuition payment, scholarship receipt  via card …
  • And other advanced features of magnetic stripe card technology.

3. Usage regulation:

Term of use is the remaining valid study time of Card Owners .  

List of collaborating universities: 

1. Ho Chi Minh City Technology University
2. Natural and Science University
3. Open University
4. Ho Chi Minh city Economy University
5. Ho Chi Minh city Technology and Corporate Management College
6. Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
7. Hanoi Society and Humanity University
8. Hanoi Economy University
9. Danang Economy University
10. Danang Technology University
11. Duy Tan Private University
12. Hue Industry College
13. Binh Phuoc Rubber Industry College
14. Binh Duong Technology  and Economy College
15. An Giang University 
16. Soc Trang Vocational College 
17. Nha Trang Teaching College
18. Binh Dinh Medical College
19. Binh Dinh Teaching College
20. Quy Nhon Vocational College 
21. Tuy Hoa Industry College
22. Many other universities and colleges. 


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