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Import Letter of Credit

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1. Introduction

Does your company operate in importing business and use L/C payment method for Sales Contract? With our reputation, experience and good relationship with the banking network worldwide, DongA Bank offers Issuance Import letter of credit service timely and accurately.

2. Product features

Payment is carried out by Letter of credit (L/C)  as required by  partners for importing activity of Customer.

3. Benefits

  • Depending on demand, DongA bank  will issue many different types of L/C  ( confirmed L/C , transferred L/C ; Revolving L/C ; back to back LC etc).
  • L/C issued by DAB can be accepted by all bank in the country  as well as in foreign countries.
  • Low rate of paying a security
  • Reasonable fee
  • Enthusiastic and detailed consultancy for risk limitation.
  • Be considered to be lent for payment of imports.

4. Fees and charges

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5. Documents

  • Request form for opening of LC (according to form by DongA Bank).
  • Trade contract
  • Confide contract (in case of entrust party import and entrust party will be responsible for direct payment for beneficiary via bank ).
  • Import license ( for goods in the list of import prohibition ) ; quota ( for goods in the list of conditional import) 
  • Request form for purchase of foreign currency
  • Copy of goods importing declaration ( to be added when completion of procedure for imports)

As for deferred Letter of Credit, the additional following documents should be presented by customers such as:  

  • Guarantee contract (according to form given by DongA Bank).
  • Business plan.
  • Request form for opening  of deferred L/C, including: initial rate of paying a security, collateral/mortgage (fixed mortgage asset) and schedule of credit transfer to DAB for payment on due date).
  • Documents made by State bank with confirmation that, the Corporate has registered a redemption of external loan ( if the payment term is more than 01 year).


For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
• Head office/Branches/Transaction Offices/24h Transaction Offices of DongA Bank or
• Customer Service Center
   Hotline: 1900545464

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