DongA eBanking 27/12/2011

DongA eBanking introduces new payment partner for online banking.

On 24/12/2011, DongA Bank officially introduces 2 new partners for online payment service via DongA eBanking Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (VNPAY)andMua Xuan Online Payment Joint Stock (MX). Now, customers can purchase products on websites that are linked with VNPAY (VnPayment) and top up  Moneta account of MX on website: Customers can make payment via 3 channels  of DongA eBanking:




  • Internet Banking: access website  and choose Online payment service
  • SMS Banking: Compose message with following syntax DAB TT [Supplier code] [Order code] [SMS code]and send to 1900545464 or 8149 
 Whereas: Supplier code of VNPAY is VNPM    

 Supplier code of MX is MX


  •  Mobile Banking: Choose Online payment service on DongA Mobile application and follow the instructions.       


Detailed information:


  • VNPAY is the supplier of payment solutions for online website. VNPAY has associated and cooperated with various banks, telecommunication companies and over 40 partners  to provide various simple and convenient payment solutions to customers, such as Mobile Banking, VnTopup, VnPayBill, VnMart, Multipurpose Sim, VnPayment... Please refer to the list of websites associated with VNPAY that accepts DongA Multi-functional card. The list is available at and




  • MX was established in April 2007 with the goal of promoting financial transaction and payment applications on mobile in Vietnam. With Moneta account of MX, customers can purchase mobile card, gold, pay utility bills, telephone bills... Customers can charge their accounts provided by MX on website:


In order to use Online payment service, customers only need to register for DongA Bank Multi - Functional Card and apply for DongA eBanking account transfer/payment service.

For further information, please visit website or contact DongA Bank Customer Service Center at  1900545464. 

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