DongA eBanking 03/03/2011

A reduction of 3% when charging of VnTopip through DongA eBanking

From 01/03/2011 to 31/05/2011, the promotion program of "Reduction of 3%  when charging of VnTopup through DongA eBanking" will be continuously carried out. Accordingly, when charging the cell phone through Vn Topup service of DongA e-Banking, Customer  will enjoy a reduction of 3% of charge face value. The program applies to all pre-paid subscriptions of the telecommunication networks (such as Mobifone, VinaPhone, Viettel, SFone, EVN Telecom, Vietnamobile, Beeline) and deferred payment subscriptions of Viettel and Mobifone. During the promotion time, customer can still enjoy other preferential programs supplied by the telecommunication networks (if any).

Giảm 3% khi nạp VnTopup qua DongA eBanking

In order to charge money, Customer can select 1 of following 4 forms:

            1.     Internet Banking: Accessing to the website, and selecting Electronic charging service

            2.      SMS Banking: Writing a SMS with the syntax and send to 1900545464 or 8149

DAB NAP [Product code] [SMS code] or

DAB NAP [Product code] [Phone number] [SMS code]

Whereas: [Product code] consists of Supplier code of VN and Charging face value as follows:

Face value

Product code

Face value

Product code

10,000 VND


100,000 VND


20,000 VND


200,000 VND


30,000 VND


300,000 VND


50,000 VND


500,000 VND


            3.      Mobile Banking: select Electronic charging service on the application menu and follow the instruction.

            4.      Phone Banking: call 1900545464 and selecting the Electronic charging service (1-3-3)

Condition for using the service and joining in the promotion program is very simple: Customer must own Multi-functional card account issued by DongA Bank and registered for transfer/payment service through DongA eBanking.

For further information about Phone Banking, pleas access the website or call 1900545464 for instructions.

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