DongA eBanking 16/11/2010

Opening card - Enjoying of promotion

In order to create favorable conditions for client to make payment when purchasing of ZingXu online, DongA Joint Stock Commercial Bank (DongA Bank) and VINA Group Corporation (VNG) coordinately organized to open DongA multi-functional card  free of charge for all Customer of VNG since 15/11/2010.

When registering for card opening at any Branch/Transaction Office of DongA Bank, Customer should bring following documents:

  • ID card and photo (3*4 or 4*6)
  • Introduction form (Accessing to the website and printing of  Introduction form as regulated by DongA Bank and VNG) or sending SMS for verification of VNG client (writing SMS with the syntax of Mothe Name of Account and sending to 6069 to receive the verification SMS).


Especially, from 8h00 dated 15/11/2010 to 0h00 dated 15/12/2010, when purchasing of ZingXu on the website and make online payment through DongA eBanking, Customer shall enjoy a reduction of 7% for all purchase transactions on ZingXu worth 200,000 onwards under the programme "Jubilantly purchasing of ZingXu - Receiving promotion gifts".

In order to use online ZingXu purchase service, Customer must have ZingID account and register for transfer/payment service through DongA eBanking (Internet Banking/ SMS Banking/ Mobile Banking).

For further information, please contact Transaction Branch/Office or 1900545464 of DongA Bank or hotline 1900561558 of VNG for instructions.

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