Current Account

VND Non- term Current Account

A tool for safe, effective, accurate and confidential financial account management

1. Introduction 

With 2  functions in 1, VND non term current account  is a first choice for you to manage your financial account effectively and carry out automatic cashless payment.
Also act as a deposit account, VND non-term current account gives you high profits with attractive interest rate. You can deposit additional money, partly or wholly withdrawing of deposit at any time or using this account as an asset guarantee and guarantee for loans at DongA Bank or as a confirmation of financial ability when study overseas...
All transactions on VND term current account can be done and managed anytime, anywhere via  e-Banking service with high safety and security.

2. Utilities

  • Cashless payment. 
  • Management of customer's cash


  • Cashless payment transaction: receiving of money transferred by others, payment ( to customers or partners) with cheque, Payment order, Collection order etc.
  • Confirmation of financial capability for account holder or their relatives when study overseas or travel etc.
  • Depositing or withdrawing of money from account
  • Using of automatic payment services (payment for electricity, water, telephone bills etc.) and checking of account balance through DongA eBanking channels at any place and any time (SMS Banking & Internet Banking).
  • Customers can open deposit account in one branch and make transactions in any other branches of DongA Bank. 


4. Fees and Interest rate


5. Eligible customers

Vietnam citizens, Oversea Vietnamese or foreigners from 18 years old onwards, with resident time in Vietnam from 12 months or more, having sufficient legal and civil behavior capability and other individuals as regulated by  DongA Bank.


6. Product features

  • Type of deposit:  VND
  • Minimal balance for maintaining of account: 50,000 dong. 

7. Registration

  • Fill in  "Registration form for opening of account" (DongA Bank sample).
  • Submission of personal papers (ID or Passport" ): Notarized copy or a copy attached with original for comparison.

   8. Contacts: 

  For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
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