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Domestic Guarantee


If enterprises have any demand for guarantee of implementation obligations with customers,  such as guarantee of performance for bidding, for contract implementation, for product warranty etc, DongA Bank can help! 

With the service of Domestic guarantee, DongA Bank will provide enterprises with guarantee documents timely and effectively so that enterprises can gain trust from customers.

1. DongA Bank provides diversified  guarantee types: 

  • Bid guarantee
  • Contract implementation guarantee
  • Warranty guarantee
  • Loan guarantee
  • Payment guarantee
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Tax payment guarantee
  • Other guarantees


2. Benefits

  • Letter of guarantee issued by DongA Bank are widely accepted in territory of Vietnam.
  • Reasonable fees and charges.
  • Letter of guarantee is issued in short time with simple procedures.



3. Eligible customers
Customers are enterprises operating in Vietnam.


4. Product features

  • Guarantee currency: VND
  • Guarantee time: As required
  • Guarantee fee: As regulated by DongA Bank in each period
  • Collaterals: Real estate, paying a security of 100%, no backing assets can be acceptable in cases of large-scale and prestigious enterprises.


5. Conditions

  • Legal purpose for guarantee
  • Having feasible and effective investment project/ trading plan.
  • And some other conditions depending on each type of guarantee


6. Required documents

  • Request form for issuance of Letter of guarantee (according to the form, download form)
  • Investment /trading plan
  • Legal documents(  Business Registration Certificate, Corporate regulations etc)
  • Financial statement in 3 latest years (if any)
  • Documents proving for guarantee purpose
  • Copy of documents for collaterals
  • Other documents as required by bank.



7. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
• Head office/Branches/Transaction Offices/24h Transaction Offices of DongA Bank or
• Customer Service Center
   Hotline: 1900545464


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