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1. Introduction  

Opening a Current account  at DongA Bank, companies not only enjoy the beneficial functions of a corporate account but also benefit from the profits yielded from account interest rate. Companies' daily transactions such as money deposit, cash withdrawal, account transfer, domestic and international payment will be carried out timely, securely and effective with DongA Bank's Current account service.

2. Product features

  • Consignment, cash withdrawal
  • Credit transfer
  • Receiving of payment from Customers, partners 
  • Domestic and international payment.

3. Benefits

  • Varioud types of currency (VND and other kinds of currency), with diversified terms.
  • Safe asset.
  • Saving of management cost.
  • Be profitable from unemployed temporary capital (non- term or weekly term), long-term unemployed capital (monthly term).
  • Money transfer and payment service are carried out in quick and convenient way,  in more than 200 branches and transaction offices of DongA bank in the whole country.
  • When staying at home, money can still be transfered for partners in short time by the service of  DongA e-banking.
  • Absolute safe, accurate and secured.
  • Simple procedures, free of charge for account opening.
  • Supporting in tracking and control of money source in an effective way.

4. Fees and interest rate

  • Attractive rate.
  • Competitive transaction cost.  

5. Usage conditions

  • Minimal account balance must be  1,000,000 dong ( VND currency account), equivalent to 100 USD (foreign currency account).
  • Term deposit account, customers should have term deposit account. The continuation of term deposit account will be carried out when bank receives confirmation letter from Customers on due date.

6. Registration

If customers have demand for opening of non - term deposit account, the following documents should be available:

  • Registration form for account opening.
  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate, notarized Decision/ Establishment license/ Operation license.
  • Copy of  Appointment decision and personal papers of Account holders 
  • Corporate tax code.
  • Other documents

* Notes:

  • As for State-owned enterprises, signature of Chief accountant or accounting person in charge should be registered.
  • As for dependent accounting unit, the confirmation sheet allowing for account opening at bank must be taken from management unit . 


7. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
• Head office/Branches/Transaction Offices/24h Transaction Offices of DongA Bank or
• Customer Service Center
   Hotline: 1900545464


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