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Foreign currency Sales and Purchase

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1. Customers:

With service of  Foreign currency sales and purchases, DongA Bank provides enterprises with large supply of foreign currency with competitive exchange rate, thus being able to meet the demand of enterprises in selling and buying of foreign currency, in account transfer timely and effectively. 

2. Utilities:

  • Spot cross exchange
  • Tem cross exchange


  • Reasonable exchange rate, with fast and convenient procedures.
  • Diversified foreign currency sources, fully meeting of demands 
  • Be consulted and supported by consulting staffs to implement the transaction
  • Policy of fees and charges as well as procedure are preferred  for customers with regular transaction and big amount.


For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
• Head office/Branches/Transaction Offices/24h Transaction Offices of DongA Bank or
• Customer Service Center
   Hotline: 1900545464

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