Current Account

Foreign Currency Term Current Account

A tool for safe, effective, accurate and confidential financial account management

1. Introduction

Your account balance can earn you profits thanks to the service of DongA Bank's Foreign currency term current account. This product is your choice of safety when it comes to finance management. 


2. Utilities

Cashless payment and management of customer's cash

3. Benefits

  • Can be used as a guarantee of financial ability for customers or their relatives when study overseas or travel abroad...
  • Depositting or withdrawing of money from account
  • Checking of account balance via DongA eBanking channels at any place and any time (Internet Banking)
  • Customers enjoy higher interest rate than that of non-term current account
  • Customers can open deposit account in one branch and make transactions in any other branches of DongA Bank.   

4. Fees and Interest rate

Current Fees & current Interest rate  of DongA Bank.

5. Eligible ustomers

Vietnam citizens, oversea Vietnamese or foreigners, who had opened current accounts at DongA Bank

6. Product features

  • Type of currency: USD
  • Deposit term: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1- 24 months
  • Interest payment: Term -end
  • Minimal balance to maintain of account: 50 USD
  • Withdrawal prior to maturity: not allowed

7. Registration

Customer shall fill in  "Payment order" (DongA Bank sample)  for deducting of balance from non-term current account into the corresponding term current account.

  8. Contacts:

  For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:
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