Automatic Bill Payment

Automatic Bill Payment


1. Introduction

With DongA Bank's automatic bill payment service, payment for your invoices of electricity, water, telephone, insurance ... will be taken care of for you by the bank, helping you to save time and effort. All customer needs to do is one time registration with DongA Bank to enjoy the excellent facilities of this advanced, convenient and highly secured payment method. 

2. Product features
Automatic payment for recurring bills. (Money is debited from debit card/ deposit account of customers.)

3. Benefits

  • Cost and time saving
  • No queue for payment
  • No worry about service interruption due to late payment
  • Error-free thanks to automatic feature
  • Customers can now be pro-active in making payment

4. Fees and charges
Registration fee: free of charge

5. Registration procedure
Customers only need to register once at any branch/ transaction office of  Dong A Bank. Please bring along one service notice or one service bill of the latest 3 periods.

   6. Contacts:   For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

Automatic payment partners of  DongA Bank             
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