Aniwhere Banking

Developing society leading to busy daily lifestyle is creating much pressure in terms of time for modern citizens. Meeting business partners, consolidating year-end report, picking up children from school, sending money to parents  in the hometown, paying credit card bills, utility bills, meeting friends... 24 hours a day never seems to enough for modern citizens.

Understanding that,  in addition to providing financial solutions, DongA Bank also provide customers with 2 special utilities: time and place. How to carry out banking transactions quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere? With DongA Bank's convenient and modern transaction channels, customers are guaranteed to find the solution. DongA Aniwhere Banking - Experience banking convenience at a whole new level.

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Nationwide transactional network Nationwide transactional network

With 235 branches and transaction offices in 57 provinces and cities nationwide, you can always find a transaction point of DongA Bank near the place where you live and work.



Proud to be among the one of joint stock commercial banks with the largest network in Vietnam, DongA Bank's operation network consists of 235 branches and transaction offices with modern and spacious infrastructure.

Branches and transaction offices of DongA Bank are not only located in central, convenient and densely populated areas (near market, supermarket, shopping center...) but are also expanded to suburban areas of the country to get closer to its customers (Quang Ninh, Dong Hoi, Bac Lieu...)

At DongA Bank branches, customers can perform all types of financial transactions such as savings, opening accounts, credit, money transfer, remittance... and get consulted about banking products and services.

Opening hours of DongA Bank branches and transaction offices:

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 to 11:30 and from 13:00 to 17:00

Saturday: from 7:30 to 11:30

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Convenient 24h Banking Centers Convenient 24h Banking Centers

Can't find time to go to the bank during office hours? Have an urgent need to bank on Sunday? Now you will not have worry anymore because 24h Banking Centers of DongA Bank, opening form 7h30 to 19h30 everyday, are always ready to serve you.




A unique model only available at DongA Bank, 24h Banking Centers of DongA Bank have been a helpful companion for busy customers and a savior when customers have urgent needs for banking.

Operating from 7h30 to 19h30 daily, including Sunday (break for 30 minutes during noon time), 24h Banking Centers of DongA Bank provide a wide range of financial products services, same as all DongA Bank standard branches and transaction offices.

A special feature of 24h transaction centers is that they are located at petrol stations and crossroads, which is convenient and safe for customers in parking.

Flexible transaction hours, convenient locations, easy parking... are outstanding advantages of twenty four 24hr Banking Centers of DongA Bank in HCMC, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Long An, Can Tho, Lam Dong.

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Intelligent ATM Intelligent ATM

Operating 24/7, accepting domestic ATM cards of all banks operating in Vietnam and many other international cards; possessing special features such as exchanging of foreign currency and gold selling... DongA Bank ATM is indeed the intelligent transaction channel for your financial needs.




As one of pioneer bank implementing ATM in Vietnam, currently DongA Bank's ATM network has over 1500 points, covering nationwide.

However, "anywhere" is not the only plus point of DongA Bank system. Customers prefer and choose to use ATM of DongA Bank for its intelligent and convenient utilities and features:
  • 24/7 transaction
  • Instruction on transaction by voice (Only available at DongA Bank)
  • Embossed keyboard to support the seeing-disabled.
  • Accept all types of domestic ATM cards of the banks in Vietnam.
  • Accept all types of cards of international card organizations such as VISA, CUP (China), JCB (Japan)
  • Able to carry out transactions as consulting balance, withdrawing money, remittance, transfer, purchasing mobile phone cards...
  • Able to carry out special transactions: direct remittance via machine - money is reported immediately, foreign currency exchange (Only available at DongA Bank), gold sale (Only available at DongA Bank)
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Mobile ATM Mobile ATM

Always on location to best-serve customer.



DongA Bank Multi-functional card owners were presented with a special surprise in 2009 when DongA Bank's first Mobile ATM was introduced into the market. With Mobile ATM, DongA Bank hopes to better serve customers by coming to where the customers are.

For Mobile ATM, ATM machines are located in big vans with spacious room for customers to carry out transaction conveniently. Upon customers' requests, Mobile ATM shall be directed to customers' location, even remote and suburban areas to provide financial transactions of its customers.

Currently, DongA Bank's Mobile ATM is supporting industrial zones during monthly salary payment days. Thanks to DongA Bank's mobile ATM,  officers and workers in industrial zones can save much more time and effort spent on withdrawing money.

Customers or companies wanting to use DongA Bank's Mobile ATM service, please kindly contact DongA Bank's Head Quarter at 08.3995.1483.

Technology-forward DongA eBanking Technology-forward DongA eBanking

Perfect transaction channels for banking anytime and anywhere.



DongA eBanking is a transaction channel which DongA Bank is most proud of for its ability to meet customers' transaction demands anytime and anywhere.

With 4 transaction channels, customers can always choose a suitable option for themselves:

  • SMS Banking: transaction via mobile sms
  • Phone Banking: transaction via fixed telephone
  • Internet Banking: transaction via Internet
  • Mobile Banking: transaction via applications downloaded on mobile phones

With DongA eBanking, customers can carry out such transactions as consulting balance; paying utility bills; purchasing air ticket, movie ticket... Especially, thanks to making transaction via electronic channel, customers can make transaction immediately and paper-less.

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DongA Money Transfer- your #1 choice for speed and security in money remittance DongA Money Transfer- your #1 choice for speed and security in money remittance

Whenever you are, DongA Money Transfer commits to receiving and transferring money to you with shortest duration and highest security.





3 minutes to receive money at the counter, 6-12 hours to receive money within the city and 48 hours to receive money within the suburb areas, those are impressive guarantees of DongA Money Transfer to its customers.

A nationwide network, pioneer home payment service and e-money system are 3 decisive factors for DongA Money Transfer to ensure money transfer to its customers in the fastest and safest way:

  • Nationwide network: Currently, DongA Money Transfer are available in over 192 countries through a network of 150,000 associated branches. In Vietnam, DongA Money Transfer has 238 transaction points, in 60 provinces and cities nationwide.
  • Pioneer in home payment service: DongA Money Transfer is the leading name in home payment service. Payment staff of DongA Money Transfer are always ready to deliver money to farthest areas, on holidays, even after officer hours to ensure that customers can receive money as soon as possible.
  • E-money system: E-money system of Dong A Money Transfer has modern technology, assisting fast nationwide transferring and ensuring information security. Especially, the system is capable of updating payment partners' data, consequently reducing lagging time caused by different time zones.

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