Phone Banking

1. Introduction

Phone Banking is one of 04 existing transaction methods given by channel of DongA e-Banking. With automatic reply system 24/24 by Phone Banking, customer only press buttons in telephone key pad and do as instructed for implementing of transaction with the Bank at any time and any place.

2. Telephone board number :1900545464

Main service:

  • For all customers (no registration): Looking up information on exchange rate, saving interest, deposit payment etc

  • For Customers of  DongA Bank:
    • Enquiring of account information ( balance, transaction listing).
    • Credit transfer/settlement: Credit transfer, Electronic topup ( mobile phone), Purchasing of pre-paid card

Conditions for use:

  • Customers are the owners of cards as follows:
    •  DongA Bank Multi- functional card/ DongA Bank Credit card ( main cardholder)
    • Deposit (individual and corporate)

  • Customers has registered the service of Internet Banking/ Phone Banking of DongA Bank and authentication solution by Authentication card ( used for services of credit transfer/ settlement).

  • Customers, who registered Internet Banking service, will use service Phone Banking automatically without registration.

Registration procedures:

  • Please, bring ID card/Passport, Authorized letter ( for Corporate) 
  • Filling the information in service registration /adjustment form of Electronic DongA Bank 
  • Registering in any Branches/ Transaction offices/ Transaction centers 24H of DongA Bank

Instruction for using:

  • Regulations for use of services of Electronic DongA Bank .
  • Service map and shortcut key.
  •  Instruction for using service of Phone Banking

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