About DongA Bank

Trade Name Identification

  • Three letters A are stylized and jointed into , expressing the goal for obtaining confidence coefficient of 3 letters A (AAA). This is the highest confidence coefficient to evaluate the operation quality of the bank in accordance with international standards. It is also symbolized for the orange sunlight rising from the East, an image of success, but not missing of warmness and closeness.
  • The stroke  with harmonious curves express the flexibility, lissomness and adaptability to the era on strong foundation of letter , making a perfect DongA Bank in operation.
  • The combination of dark blue - inheriting from traditional blue color of DongA Bank and orange color brings along trust, friendliness, openness and liveliness.

The new logo image heads towards 03 outstanding values committed by DongA Bank to bring customers and partners - Incessantly creative, friendly and reliable. Also, it shows the orientation of operating diversification, active integration and establishment of a multi-functional bank - a strong and steady financial corporation with an united and incessantly creative staff team for the sake of new and practical values to the life.

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