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DongA Money Transfer

Business name: Công ty TNHH Kiều Hối Đông Á

English Name: DongA Money Transfer Co., Ltd.

Address: 468 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 2, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone Number: 028.3938 2130

Fax: 028.3938 2134

Hotline: 1900 54 54 92

Website: www.dongamoneytransfer.com.vn

Fanpage: fb.com/dongamoneytransfer

Zalo OA: https://zalo.me/579778557179187201

Chairman: Mr. Tran Van Trung

CEO: Mr. Nguyen Ba Thien

DongA Bank performed money transfer serving since the beginning of its establishment, proven an outstanding prestige in the market, and becoming the leading company in the nationwide bank system in terms of remittance service. With a clear and effective management policy by State Bank, the volume of remittance to Vietnam has increased steadily. Grasping the development trend of the services, DongA Bank established DongA Money Transfer Co., Ltd. on 01/11/2001 in order to specialize in services as well as to meet customers’ demands.

Over 20 years of continuous development, DongA Money Transfer Company is always proud to be a brand that is highly appreciated and trusted by domestic and foreign customers. To yield such achievements, DongA Money Transfer Company has constantly invested in developing our system and applying new technology to our daily tasks with more than 200 points of the transaction all over the country. Every staff is well-trained to deliver the remittance to the beneficiaries in the safest & fastest manner.

Besides focusing on improving service quality, DongA Money Transfer Company regularly develop and implement customer care event. The events with valuable prizes are hosted frequently.

Besides that, DongA Money Transfer Company is expanding its partnership with many global partners all around the globe to further enable customers to send money from 180 countries & territories from all over the world with more than 350,000 point of transaction into Vietnam via DongA Money Transfer Network.

The following services are supplied by DongA Money Transfer:

  • Counter Pick-up
  • Home Delivery
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank transfer 24/7        
  • E-wallet transfer

DongA Money Transfer always committed that, when using the services of DongA Money Transfer system, customers will receive the following preferences:

FAST:Counter Pick-up: The customer would be able to receive the money in just 2 minutes at more than 200 transaction points that belong to the network of DongA Bank & DongA Money Transfer Company with easy procedures.

  • Home Delivery: The customers can receive the remittance in a timely manner: within 3 hours for the inner-city/city center of the provinces and within 24-36 hours for the outer area of the city or in the remote areas even on weekends & holidays.
  • Bank transfer/E-wallet transfer: The customers just only need to provide the information and account number of the receiving bank and DongA Money Transfer Company will transfer the fund directly & immediately into their accounts. Especially for 24/7 Bank Transfer services, the customer can receive the money real time right after the sender committed the transaction.


  • Payment is ensured to be delivered to the correct person - correct amount.
  • Information on the receiver & transferred amount will be kept confidential.


  • The receivers only need to show their identity card & reference number (if any) or provide the bank account if the receiving method is bank transfer.


  • Free of service charge: the receivers do not have to pay any service fee.
  • Diversity of services: Counter Pick-up, Home Delivery, Bank transfer, Bank transfer 24/7, E-wallet transfer
  • The network of DongA Money Transfer covers 57/63 provinces, cities and there are over 200 branches.
  • The receivers can receive foreign currencies of USD, CAD, AUD and EURO with the best quality.
  • Hotline 24/7: 1900 54 54 92 is always available to serve and answer every customer’s inquiries.

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