About DongA Bank

Establishment and Development

The stage of establishment and development since 1992 until now is a continuous itinerary of efforts, enthusiasm and passion for a stronger and everlasting DongA Bank.


The establishment of DongA Bank in July 1st, 1992 was marked with 56 officials and employees, working in the first head office at No. 60-64 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City (currently it is Nguyen Van Troi Street). With the charter capital of 20 billion dong, DongA Bank is the first one providing the service of installment credit  for small traders and households making business in markets.


03 branches were established in District 1, Hau Giang (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi, for official expanding of such services as international payment, express money transfer and salary payment.


Charter capital of DongA Bank is increased by 30 billion dong after 02 years of operation. The Bank's Party Cell, Trade Union and Youth Union have been also established.


Charter capital of DongA Bank is continued to rise to 49.6 billion dong. DongA Bank becomes the only partner to accept  trust capital from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), which sponsors for small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.


DongA Bank was one of the two joint stock banks in Vietnam to accept assistance capital from Rural Development Fund (RDF)  by World Bank.


Charter capital of DongA Bank is increased by 97.4 billion dong. In September 2000, DongA Bank becomes an official member of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).


A member company of DongA Bank - DongA Money Transfer was established. DongA Bank increased its charter capital to 120 billion dong, with quality control system to be set up and applied in accordance to standard of  ISO 9001:2000.


After 10-year operation, charter capital of DongA Bank is increased by 10 times - with total capital of 200 billion dong. Number of officials, staffs and employees of DongA Bank is 537.
DongA Bank was one of two joint stock banks accepting capital trust from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) to sponsor for small and medium enterprises. In this yea, DongA Bank Card Center was established for issuing of DongA cards. Also, the football team of  Ho Chi Minh Public Security is transferred to the bank and DongA Sports Joint Stock Company is founded, as well (Football Clubs of DongA Bank).


Charter capital of DongA Bank is 350 billion dong. DongA Bank officially developed ATM system and automatic payment service via ATM. Total number of officials, employees is 824.


DongA Bank established Vietnam Bank Card system (VNBC) connecting card systems among banks, successfully cooperating with China Union Pay Group (China) and signing a principle contract for business association in Vietnam and Taiwan by DongA Bank - Mai Linh Joint Stock Company  and  Jampoo Group (Taiwan).


With a network of 69 branches and transaction offices nationwide,  the head office is inaugurated at no.130 Phan Dang Luu, Ward 3, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.
DongA Bank becomes the leading joint stock commercial bank in terms of growth speed of ATM card service in Vietnam with 1 million customers using multi-functional cards only after 3-year issuance.  Two transaction channels - Automatic DongA Bank and Electronic DongA Bank are additionally developed and to be successfully changed into core-banking and online transaction for the entire system. In this year, DongA Bank also becomes an official member of VISA.

The member company of DongA Bank - DongA Money Transfer has ranked the first in 07 successive years.


On the occasion of 15th anniversary, DongA Bank officially changed its logo and trade name identification system. The Bank inaugurated and actuated many modern head offices in standard model of the head office building, expanding its network with 107 branches, transaction offices in 40 provinces and cities to welcome 2 million customers.
ATM card of 21st century issued by DongA Bank was certified as "Vietnam Record" with the function of direct money transfer and  foreign currency exchange. Turnover of international payment has  exceeded 2 billion US dollars.


DongA Bank has presented in 50 provinces and cities nationwide with 148 transaction points and over 800 ATM. In August 8th, 2008, credit card was officially issued, marking the connection of DongA card system with worldwide system via Visa.
Number of customers has reached 2.5 million. DongA Bank was the first bank in Vietnam owning the most modern ATM, which is capable to directly receive 100 notes with different face values in one deposit time.


Charter capital: 3,400 billion dong
Total employees: 3,691

Total customers: 4 million

Official connection of 3 systems: VNBC, Smarklink and Banknetvn

To be awarded with Guinness Vietnam for mobile ATM, at the same time, many outstanding products and services are expanded such as 24-minute loan, 1km coverage, electronic salary payment, the promotion of bill payment service etc.

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