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On March 3rd, 2011, Chairman cum General Director of MoneyGram International money transfer Company (listing name of MGI), Ms. Pamela H. Patsley has come to Vietnam to launch for the first DongA- MoneyGram transaction desk in DongA bank, as well as made a discussion of new opportunities for expanding business networks and transaction development in the country, which has increasing important role in this market of global money transfer.  

"In the worldwide money transfer industry with 400 billion dollarsVietnam is a potential growing market with more than 7 billion dollars in overseas national currency exchange, last year,” said Mrs. Patley. MoneyGram is committed to further develop its presence here. Last year, we have developed an additional 30 percent of network operations in Vietnam. We will continue to expand our products and services over Vietnam and we're doing it in a creative way, with cooperation of DongA bank for launching of Dong A- MoneyGram transaction desk and home delivery service. " 

Having cooperated since 2005, DongA bank is one of the leading prestigious banks in Vietnam. This is the leading bank in providing payment services over the MoneyGram network and home delivery service to any locations requested by customers. The first DongA- MoneyGram transaction desk  in Vietnam was launched today in Ho Chi Minh City & Vinh City - Nghe An Province. Those transaction desks will make increase the utility and convenience for customers, offering customers the convenience of money transfer solutions such as modern technology facilities, increasing the speed of transaction processing, at the same time, it is a location for testing of  new services and products, special programs of customer care coordinated between DongA & MoneyGram. 

Mr. Le Tri Thong, Deputy General Director of Dong A bank cum Chairman of DongA money transfer Company, said: "We consider the development of money transfer service of DongA bank as an important part in the target of developing domestic financial market. Cooperation between DongA bank and MoneyGram will ensure that, we provide our customers with the most convenient and safest services according to international standards. The opening of the DongA  - MoneyGram transaction desk is an important part in this development strategy and we look forward to the launching date of the first two locations " 

According Mr. Remas Ho, Director of Asia area, MoneyGram and other units in Vietnam are working together to provide customers with quick, convenient and reliable solutions for money transfers. Outstanding point of MoneyGram in Vietnam is that there is a group of banks in its network, including DongA bank, where provides the customer payment network and home delivery services across the country and now being DongA-Money Gram transaction desk of overseas national currency exchange. 

Patsley’s visit is to confirm the business commitment for strengthening the business and community activities in Vietnam, including the global charitable donation of MoneyGram worth of over 20,000 USD  for Organizations of Vietnamese Children since 2009. This amount will be used to build up Binh Minh kindergarten in  Tam Dai Communew, Quang Nam province and it is put  into service in May 2010. At this inauguration, DongA money transfer Company has also donated over 40 gifts to the children, bringing more joy and happiness to them. Additionally, through the Organization of Vietnamese Children, MoneyGram also sponsors $ 10,000 for scholarship of five students during four years of the study.

Mrs. Ben Wilson, President cum Foundation member of the organization for Vietnamese children, said: "We are really grateful for MoneyGram. They are definite a company thinking about community and they brought young students an excellent opportunity to become useful and independent citizens."

With the cooperation and expectations of both sides, the inauguration of DongA - MoneyGram transaction desk of overseas national currency exchange  at DongA bank was held successfully and finished at 11h on the same day.

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