Events 21/12/2010

DongA Bank introduces the solution of ATM protection

Dated 21/12/2010, DongA Bank officially introduced the solution of ATM protection, to further enhance the safety for ATM system of 1300 machines now. This is a technology  product provide by  Vina Smart Card Co., (V.N.B.C) and following the orders placed by DongA bank. At the introduction, DongA bank and V.N.B.C has collaborated and performed  for testing the solution of ATM protection on machine for numerous mass media.  


Mr. Nguyen An Long - Deputy General Director of V.N.B.C  presenting solutions for ATM protection



Engineers of V.N.B.C  is doing the test for solution of ATM protection on the machine

Accordingly, when there are physical impacts from outside such as cutting of machine cover, drilling, damping or moving of machine etc, the built-in local alarm system will be activated, the machine will be  repeatedly warned  signal with a siren, the typical; alarming sounds and alarming lights in place. The difference between this system and the conventional alarm system is ability of detecting other forms of drilling and cutting cover with high reliability of signal identification via system of multi-function  detector. In the future, ViNa Smart Card JSCwill complete integrated solutions for recording system,  and alarm alerts via mobile phone and computers, focusing on cost-effectiveness and reliability . We can say, with this new innovation, VNBC provided and brought to market a solution of the most optimal protection, help prevent theft and ensure safety for the bank's ATM system, in which DongA Bank is the pioneer in the deployment. 


Mr.Le Tri Thong - Deputy General Director of DongA Bank shared, Safety of  ATM machine as well as safety of Customers is always focused and concerned by  DongA Bank in the top priority 

Facing with increasing crime about ATM in recent years ,DongA bank, one of the banks owning the most ATM system in Vietnam today expressed serious concern about this. Mr.Le Tri Thong, Deputy General Director of DongA bank, said: "The safety of the ATM as well as safety for the customer is always concerned and focused by DongA bank in the top priority. DongA bank is always looking for solutions of secure systems for its extensive ATM system and has developed several practical measures during last period. Facing with "worry situation" about the safety of ATM system, especially with the breakthrough technology of   Vina Smart Card Company (V.N.B.C), DongA bank have trusted ordering and applying  solution for ATM protection right after. We believe the best solution of V.N.B.C that can help DongA bank protect 1300 ATM machines in 215 branches and transaction offices,  24 h transaction office across the whole country now. " 

As the leading banking in technology and  record numbers of customer: 5 million, it is none other than that DongA bank always wanted to bring the best quality service to customers, worthy with the image "A trusted companion "and" The most Favorite Vietnam Trademark  "in 2010. 
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