Events 20/12/2010

Gold Selling ATM machine confirming Vietnamese record

On 18/12/2010, at Rex Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City, in the  program of 20th  Meeting for Vietnamese record- Holders, Central of Vietnam record Books has granted certification of Guinness "Gold ATM -  the first automatic gold selling machine in Vietnam" for DongA bank. This award has meaning of great  spirit encouragement and achievements recognition for collective of leaders and staffs of DongA bank- who provide product ideas, as well as those from ViNa Smart cards JSC- VNBC, a Technology Company coming  from DongA bank - a staff team turning ideas into reality by their  intelligence and technology in Vietnam.

After more than a year of "placing an order" for VNBC to research and manufacture,  the Gold ATM selling machine of DongA bank  has been "released" on 09/10/2010 .With outstanding design and unique features, Gold ATM made a strong impression and got the warm attention of a large number of people and customers. After more than two months of product development, DongA bank had outstanding marks in offering  fully automatic gold  trading and deserves to become one of 30 Vietnam records to be honored in 2010

From left to right: Mr. Nguyen An Long - Deputy General Director of V.N.B.C  and Mr.Le Tri Thong - Deputy General Director of  DongA Bank receiving Vietnam record for Gold ATM

  Gold ATM  has dimension of 776x1500x802mm and weight of 750kg. With  more impressive design than that of conventional ATM, ATM Gold has a typical yellow color with specific features of the machine, make machine can be identified from a distance. Moreover, the entire screen interface, the slot of receiving gold, guide flash etc, are designed differently than that of conventional ATM, aiming at creating customers different feelings  when  making transactions on Gold ATM.

In addition to the existing features of ATM, the prominent difference of Gold ATM is feature of selling gold through the machine. When you put  your card into the machine to do transactions, customers choose  Transaction of buying gold, the machine will immediately notice the respective exchange rate. Exchange rates are updated directly and immediately at the time of the transaction. After customer clicks to accept buying,  machine will give gold to the slot "receiving gold position". Customers can take transaction receipt after taking gold and doing next other transactions . To help customers make precise manipulation, the video on screen will show specific guidance with countdown timer within 30 seconds to remind customers to really focus on this high value transaction. In addition, customers can print receipts after each transaction with the information about type of gold, origin, price, date and time of transaction, ATM codes etc. Currently, Gold ATM can meet transaction of purchasing of 01 gold ring  for one customer's transactions and does not limit maximum number of daily transactions.


Meeting record-holders in Vietnam is a common program at the end of  year, aiming at creating conditions for  record-holders in the whole country  to meet  and share their dream with new plans . This is also the occasion for the Center of Vietnam record Books to express gratefulness to  record -holders in Vietnam, who has strong support to help and support during the past 7 years. After the two most recent records for ATM TK21 (2007) & mobile ATM (2009), this is the 3rd time DongA bank wins Vietnam record for the products of its outstanding technology. It can be said that, with this award, DongA bank has once again confirmed the image of "A trusted companion" and No. 1 position in the field of banking technology in current Vietnam market.
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