Events 17/12/2010

DongA Money Transfer Company was granted with "Most Innovative Company Award 2010"

DongA Money Transfer Company is the only money transfer company in Vietnam to be honorably granted with "Most Innovative Company Award 2010" by International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) at the international conference on money transfer in London, in November.

IAMTN highly appreciated positive activities of DongA Money Transfer in becoming an international standard money transfer company, DongA brand name is trusted by domestic, international partners and Customers. In addition, DongA Money Transfer is also evaluated with initiative effort for development and expanding of housing expenditure service in all provinces and cities of Vietnam. In 2008, DongA Money Transfer is selected by international money transfer group MoneyGram as the first company to develop the home payment service when decided to expand its market in Vietnam. This service has been recognized to be effective, successful by MoneyGram and partners and to be currently the top solutions for money transfer selected by Customers. In 2010, payment turnover of DongA Money Transfer reached at 1.2 billion USE, increasing by 20%, continuing to be the leading company in money transfer  in the market for 9 successive years.  


At present, International Association of Money Transfer Networks - IAMTN is the only money transfer organization representing for global money transfer with members which are banks, money transfer organizations presented in over 90 countries and territories. Every year, IAMTN grants awards to excellent money transfer banks and organizations. In 2010, IAMTN only granted 07 awards to big international banks & financial organizations representing each continent based on the recommendation and evaluation by award council. This is the first time IAMTN has granted "Most Innovative Company Award 2010" for Vietnamese representative. DongA Money Transfer Company - DongA Bank is also the only company in East Asia and Southeast Asia to be granted the award with other global famous names: Western Union, MoneyTrans, Unistream Commerical Bank, ICICI Bank etc.

DongA Money Transfer Company has continuously been expanding its cooperative relationship with global money transfer organizations, serving and meeting demands for money transfer of Vietnamese people who are living, working in the United States, Canada, European Union, Taiwan, Malaysia, Middle East etc.

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