DongA Home 15/10/2009

DongA Bank supported people in Central region suffering from flood

Happiness of Mrs Nguyen Thi Gion
(Binh Minh commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai)
when receiving relief gifts from the mission

During this trip, the social work mission of DongA Bank and PNJ have supported total amount of 541 million dong for the households whose houses were entirely collapsed, severely damaged and the schools to be destroyed by the storm. Alone, Binh Minh commune in Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province, apart from  150 million dong to be supported for 150 local households (1 million dong/a household), the mission also supported 40 million dong (20 million dong/a household) for 02 households having relatives to be dead in the storm and under extremely difficult situation.

Representatives of DongA Bank and PNJ Charity Fund granting the
supporting money for 02 households in Binh Minh Commune

With hear-breaking losses caused by No. 9 storm, in coordination with Thanh Nien newspaper, PNJ Charity Fund and the whole community, DongA Bank has launched a system-wide charity collection. Apart from the voluntarily contributed amount, each officer and employee working in the bank has contributed half of their man-day. Also in this program, DongA Bank spent an amount to support families of those officers and employees to be damaged in the stormy region.

Residents in Binh Minh Commune in the arms of the social work mission

With the tradition of mutual affection and love of the nation, along with the whole country directed towards the Central Region, DongA Bank wishes to contribute to help people stabilize their lives and overcome consequences at soonest after the storm.

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