Events 21/11/2011

DongA Bank and street art performance series "I LOVE SHARING"

In sync with the jolly atmosphere of Vietnam Teacher's Day, in the morning of November 20th 2011, DongA Bank has simultaneously organized street art performance series namely "I lovesharing" in Hanoi and HCM City. 



Trumpet, aerobics, singing and dancing performances at Tao Dan Park. 

In Hanoi, DongA  Bank  has joined force with with Vietnam National Academy of Music to organize performance event at Ly Thai To Park, showcasing a symphony band with musical instruments such as horns, drums, strings, jazz ...

In HCM City, DongA Bank  and City Children Association and the City Park Association hold performances at two central parks Tao Dan Park and 23 / 9 Park . Tao Dan Park performance is a great entertainment event or parents and children with various types of aerobic performances, dance, trumpet team and other family games. At 23/9 Park, the performance includes Vietnamese traditional music performances. "I love sharing" is held weekly on every Sunday morning from 9am to 10.30 from now to the end of 2012. DongA Bank has plan to expand this program to several other provinces across the country.




Traditional music performance at 23/9 Park attracted lots of viewers. 

Street art  is a common form of art performance in Vietnam as well as in others countries. With a moderate scale, musical performances in the parks, street corners... really give viewers fun-filled and relaxing moments. However, in Vietnam, street art activities are yet to be organized regularly and on a long-term basis. "I love sharing" from DongA Bank can be considered the first project of  street art performance with largest scale, both in terms of time and location. The program is organized  with the goal of creating a performance platform for children, students of various art schools and also creating entertainment hubs for  families on every Sunday morning.

Not only providing customers with the best financial solution, through "I love sharing", DongA Bank also wishes to cater to customers' spiritual needs. The bank once again shows its passion in being a model corporate citizen with this program as well as other social responsibility activities.




Mr. Le Tri Thong, Deputy General Director of Dong A Bank, said "We want to sent  the value of sharing to people. Not only sharing the musical atmosphere, we hope that through this program, viewers can feel the joy together while watching, feel refreshed and energized. We hope that DongA Bank can carry out social responsibility through this meaningful activity, we hope to organize fun events that attract more families to the park, to make the city streets more lively, to enrich the cultural and spiritual life of the society. "I love sharing" street art performance is among many other programs that DongA Bank has organized in 2011 such as "Loving hearts", "ANIWHERE BANKING", "Recommending a friend" and "Writing with gratitude"... to reflect the positioning of "The bank with heart, the bank with responsibility". 



Mr. Le Tri Thong, Deputy CEO of DongA Bank shares about "I love sharing" street art performance series.


On Vietnam Teacher' s day 20/11, Representative of DongA Bank presented flowers to congratulate the teachers atCity Children Association of Hochiminh City.

"Let's come down to various central parks on Sundaymorningto enjoy great and fun-filled performances organized DongA bank. We love you, and love sharing"- a simple yet meaningful message from the heart of DongA Bank - The bank of heart, the bank of responsibility.

Images taken at opening ceremony of "I love sharing" programs:







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