Events 27/09/2011


From September 26th, 2011 DongA Bank launches"Loving hearts" program nationally. With"Loving hearts,"  every customer making transactions at DongA Bank will receive a gift -  a lovely paper heart that is folded by the children of  Go Vap Children Support Center, GoVap Juvenile Vocational Training Center and Long Hoa Orphanage home (HCM city). For each heart folded, the children received 500 VND from DongA Bank and DongA Bank's customers. And with 3 million hearts done in this program, the 3 orphanages home shall receive 150 million VND.This program sent meaningful message of sharing from DongA Bank and is another effort from DongA Bank to support the less fortunate children.






"Nothing is more charming than the tenderness of the heart "(JaneAusten),"Learn from yesterday,live for today, hope for tomorrow"(Albert Einstein),"Only passions, great passions can bring the soul to great heights "(Denis Diderot) ... these are a few quotes among other famous and meaningful quotes printed in the colorful paper hearts  that hundreds of children at the centers are folding everyday. With these quotes,  DongA Bank wishes to bring little joy to customers with each transactions. The bank wishes to show gratitude to customers as well as promoting its hospitality culture towards customers.

Each paper heart in "Loving hearts" has its own special journey. From DongA Bank, the colorful paper cards will be transferred to 3 orphanage homes , namely GoVap Children Support Center , GoVap Juvenile Vocational Training Center and Long Hoa orphanage home ( HCM city). After class, underthe guidance of teachers, the children will fold the paper cards into into DongA Bank paper heart. Each month, approximately 400,000 paper hearts are distributed to DongA Bank branches nationwide. At DongA Bank branches, the hearts will be respectfully given to all DongA Bank customers who has transactions at the bank.



Regarding this program, Mr. Le Tri Thong - Deputy CEO ofDong A Bank said: "Being "the bank of heart" , for many years, DongA Bank has carried out many social responsibility programs which promote moral values, contribute to preserving, fostering the loving and sharing spirit. It is not only social responsibility of our organization, but above all,  DongA Bank's passion for developing people and serving our customers. With"Loving hearts", the paper hearts done by the children in 3 orphanage homes will be cherished by DongA Bank and given to our customers. In every transaction, customers together with DongA Bank contribute to supporting the children. We think that sharing is good and believe "What comes from the heart will stay in the heart"

Ms. Ho Thanh Loan, Director of Go Vap Children Support Center said:"Loving hearts"of DongA Bank is a very meaningful program. Folding the paper hearts is so easy, it is like a therapeutic activity for the children here, who are mental disabled. The children also get to have pocket money from this activity. I feel great joy in the children's eyes while folding the heart. I also believe that customers of DongA Bank will cherish this heart and appreciate the message of sharing with those who are less fortunate in the society"

"Little joy, great meaning" is the message thatDongA Bank wishes to send to customers through the program. With the positioning of "The bank with heart, the bank with responsibility", DongA Bank is showing its passion and determination in the bank's overall activities: from products offering to customer service to social responsibility programs. 

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