Events 14/04/2011

DongA Bank receive award of flourished Vietnamese brand in 2010

DongA bank has just honored to receive Award of Flourished brand  in 2010 by Vietnam Economic Times and  Trade Promotion Department (Ministry of Industry and Commerce). The award ceremony was held on 10/04/2011 in  Ha Noi. Together with 120 other enterprises, the award was presented to DongA bank once again recognizing their efforts to build up and develop a brand for the most prestigious banks in Vietnam. 


Representatives of Enterprises receiving  flower, certificate of merit and medal by Steering Committee

 Ms. Le Quynh Thu -  Marketing Deputy General Director of DongA bank (in the middle) receiving of award 

With the goal of "Sustainable Moving " in 2010, DongA bank has successfully completed all the main objectives set out at the beginning of the year such as: Raising of charter capital to 4,500 billion dong, total asset growth of 55,873 billion dong (rising by 31.4% against that in the beginning of the year), total of mobilized capital of 47,756 billion  dong (rising by 30% against in the beginning of the year), total loan outstanding reaching of  8,436 billion dong (rising by 10.8% against that in the beginning of the year) and profit of 858 billion dong. DongA bank's brand continues to be maintained its strong position in the field of individual customers and banking technology, gaining the support of almost 5 million customers for prominent products and superior services such as Phone Banking, the new version of Mobile Banking, Gold ATM  Gold selling, DongA multi-functional Card etc. These are the prominent markers that help DongA bank affirm its prestige and maintain its achievements of activities. And this is also a double to help DongA bank continue holding the title of ' Flourished Brand in Vietnam "for many successive years.

Apart from the effective operations, with the orientation of building image of a human brand that  were deployed continuously from 2008 until now, in 2010, DongA bank continues to invest in educational activities all over the country. Except the award of Vietnam flourished brand obtained this time, in 2010, DongA Bank has also achieved a series of other awards such as the Vietnam Gold Star 2010, The most favorite Vietnam Trademark  in 2010, Top 500 Vietnamese Brands in 2010 , well-known national brand and Excellent businessman of Vietnam 2010 etc. 

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