Events 09/04/2011

Top university graduates exchanged with young leaders: Healthy seed must be sowed in GOOD ENVIRONMENT

Being top university graduates is a good basis for students to go further in their careers. However, it is necessary condition, but not sufficient condition to ensure success in the future.

All queries of the top university graduates about the question "How to be successful in work?" are wholeheartedly cleared up by two famous speakers, Mr. Le Tri Thong - Vice General Director of DongA Bank and Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh - Vice General Director of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) in the exchange session on 2/4.

From left to right: Ms. Le Quynh Thu (Vice Marketing Director of DongA Bank), Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh - Vice General Director of PNJ and Mr. Le Tri Thong - Vice General Director of DongA Bank

Excellent in study: 30% of possibility of success

When being asked "Who believes that studying well will surely lead to success in work?", not many arms were raised. This shows that students are clearly aware that they should practice and improve new knowledge, skills in order to go further in their careers. Mr. Le Tri Thong - Vice General Director of DongA Bank, who ever was the top graduate of University of Technology shared "Studying well will not surely lead to success since criteria of university are not similar to practical life criteria. If you study well, you have only 30% of possibility of success, remaining 70% depends on each person's resources (health, relationship, skills (communication, taking advantage of opportunity etc). It can be shown in reality that students, who focus too much on studying, normally lack of life knowledge. So, after graduation, you should positively accumulate life experience.

To students who have just graduated and are eagerly confirm themselves, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh - Vice General Director of PNJ told "There is no shortcut to the success. Bill Gate, before becoming the boss of Microsoft Group, spent 10,000 hours working at the computer. The Beatles band, before becoming famous, spent 10,000 hours on practicing". The simple message which the speakers want to send to new top university graduates is that the success requires hard training and best effort.

Bringing up talents in dynamic environment

One of the issues which the top university graduates pay particular attention is how to adapt to the work environment which is different from education environment  they have been familiar with for 16 school years. Thuyet - top graduate of RMIT in 2009, who is currently trainee administrator of Coca Cola Vietnam - told his first shock "When I was at university, whenever I did not understand a matter, I used to ask my teachers and they also welcome students' questions. However, it is totally different when you go to  work. When I asked my manager about my work, he asked me whether I had read all emails, searching on Google etc or not. I understand that I have to self-mobilize to fulfill my work before asking others". This shows that students should be psychologically ready for a new environment with more difficulties and challenges.

With regard to working environment, Mr. Le Tri Thong added "Good seed needs good environment to grow. At DongA Bank, average age of the staff is 26. Many young persons being born in 1984, 1985, even in 1986 become branch directors. I mean that this is an environment young enough for development, with sufficient space for young persons to bring up their big dreams. At present, DongA Bank is not a top bank. So, we should set up a goal to achieve - making DongA Bank become the top bank in Vietnam".

"In sum, secret of success is: Be active in work, fulfill every assignment well, even the smallest one, because any work teaches us valuable skills and experiences to perfect ourselves, be indulged, creative and wholehearted to what you are doing. Especially, live in active voice, objective case, present tense, first person and use the verb of love!" - Mr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh, Vice General Director of PNJ said. 

 Youth Union of DongA Bank was holding games and was giving gifts for the winners 

Mr. Le Tri Thong shared the happiness when DongA Bank honorably had chance to companion with Honoring Top University Graduates programme for 3 successive years 


Representatives of guests and organization board were offering books for the top graduates

Taking photos 


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