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Ho Chi Minh City, 2nd April 2011, Ho Chi Minh Central Youth Union, Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) and DongA Bank coordinately held the 3rd Honoring Top University Graduates Ceremony to honor 71 top university graduates in 2010.

Ms. Le Quynh Thu - Vice Marketing Director of DongA Bank was making a speech at the opening ceremony

In addition to representative of DongA Bank, the programme was attended by Mr. Ta Van Khoi - Vice Head of School Children Board, Ho Chi Minh City Central Youth Union

And press agencies

With the opinion that talent and righteousness are national life-sustaining element, human being is the most important factor in economic development of the country, Honoring Top University Graduates is the annual program launched by Ho Chi Minh City Television and DongA Bank since 2009. The program is intended to show the recognition, respect of the society in general and DongA Bank in particular for the achievements attained by the top university graduates, so that they are further motivated to uphold their abilities, to contribute to the national development. The program also shows the most profound gratefulness to grandparents, parents who wholeheartedly love, educate and create favorable conditions for their children to study and become helpful people in the society. Over the past 2 years, the program has honored 108 top graduates (in 2008), 64 top graduates (in 2009).

Mr. Le Tri Thong - Vice General Director of DongA Bank was sharing about the programme

This Honoring Top Graduates program honors 71 top graduates from the universities in three areas: Ho Chi Minh City & Southeast Region, Mekong Delta and Central provinces. Each top graduate is awarded a certificate of merit of Ho Chi Minh Central Youth Union, gift and a multi-functional card of DongA Bank with 3 million dong in account.

Being one of 71 top graduates honored in this program, student Pham Thi Lan Anh - Top graduate from Tay Nguyen University stated "Being honored in this solemn ceremony is a big pride for my family and me. On behalf of other top graduates, I would like to express my gratefulness to parents, teachers and sponsors who have brought up, educated and supported us to become mature today. We will continuously make our best efforts to become good and useful citizens for the society and for our families".

Representative of Ho Chi Minh Central Youth Union, Mr. Phan Van Mai - Secretary of Ho Chi Minh Central Youth Union also expressed the gratefulness to teachers, parents and sponsors who have taken great pains in bringing up, taking care of young Vietnamese peoples to become virtuous, talented people- future leaders of the country.

Being a companion of the program for 03 successive years, Mr. Tran Phuong Binh - General Director of DongA Bank confirmed "DongA Bank always welcomes and encourages talented students to practice and work at the bank. This shows the strategy of DongA Bank to bring its products and services closer to pupils, students and teachers. DongA Bank always wishes to be a reliable and close companion in study and life of everyone.

Further information:

In addition to honoring Top Graduates, DongA Bank sponsors and companions with lots of meaningful activities such as Giving strength to teachers television program, Writing with Gratitude contest... These are 03 large programs successfully carried out by DongA Bank and what DongA Bank has been doing at its greatest effort in combination with the society is for the education development of the country with its highest responsibility. Through thees programs, above all, DongA Bank and the performers wish to send a good message that: Live, study and work wholeheartedly by heart and enthusiasm, and life will surely become more beautiful and our lives will become a beautiful flower garden.

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