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Diary from teachers' sharing


Warm houses

 Happiness has come back to teacher Tran Huy Thong and his wife  Nguyen Thị Hoai Thuong.

In early November 2010, Mr. Thai Cam Chau, who introduced Teacher Do Thanh Nu (The teacher learning to write, Sai Gon Marketing Newspaper 2.8.2010) to the program, has called and informed us that Teacher Nu is going to have a new house. It turns out that, Tisson Paint Company located in Binh Duong, after watching the program, has come to visit and helped him build a spacious house. Receiving of a new house right on 20th November, the teacher could not but cry. With the amount supported by many people, he returned Ho Chi Minh City to take physical therapy. Now, Teacher Nu can walk slowly and write by his left hand. He said he would come back to the school, ask for a job in office in order to cover through the education cause and to see pupils every day.


Only a few months ago, when visiting him after he had a traffic accident, we could not help being affected. His house is old and crushed, his wife is suffering from cancer, with old and sick mother, his son is just in grade six and his daughter is studying away from home; and he is unable to walk. So far, he had to shoulder the family burden, now he even cannot hold pen to write and come back to school, so he is no longer keen on his life! A thirst for coming back to school has provided him more energy, but his tears have dropped when he cannot write by his left hand. Now, smiles have come back to his pessimistic face in the old days...


Also, a house has just been completely built before Lunar New Year, Ms Ranh (The whole family has to carry the burden..., Sai Gon Marketing Newspaper 17.1.2011) confusedly told and smiled when taking us to visit her house., which is under construction. It is still empty and does not have essential facilities, but from now on, she can feel secure when having a place for the whole family gathering. For long treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, she shall be less worried about leaving the teenage daughter alone at home. We still keep in our mind for the first visit, she had just returned from the treatment in HCMC. Seeing the skinny and lonely woman having dinner - a plain meal in the empty house, we felt unhappy. For tens of years of teaching, her asset is only the crushed house and the debt she borrowed for cancer treatment and how she can pay this loan is a serious problem. This story is sent to readers and viewers, the sympathy comes faster than expected. We took Mr. Nguyen Viet Ngo from HCMC to visit her right after the program was broadcasted. Mr. Ngo, a 90-year-old retired officer helped Ms Ranh to rebuild her house with 30 million VND deducted from the condolences money of his wife. It has more emotion to know that his wife was also a teacher, his daughter is teaching at Ho Chi Minh City Medical and Pharmaceutical University.

Thanh Nhan now goes to school and practices writing

Witnessing Ms. Ranh, Mr. Nu preparing for Lunar New Year in their new houses, it is happy to know the program has brought positive change in life and spirit for the teachers who naturally unsuccessful. While writing this article, we are informed that an enterprise is preparing to rebuild a house for teacher Dao Van Nhi (Unsuccessful teacher, Sai Gon Marketing Newspaper Online February 2011). And we know that there will be more new houses to be built by such silent sharing.


For ever green life


The diary Giving strength to teachers continues to write more moving stories about sharing, to receive more good news from the teachers who have been given strength by the program. Now, the little angel Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan (The itinerary to fight for life, Sai Gon Marketing Newspaper 21.6.2010) has overcome the dangerous phase of cancer. Mother Nhiem and father Thong can take Nhan to class to study like other children. Difficulty and worry are still there, but teachers Truong Thi Nhiem and Nguyen Van Thong can temporarily forget them and feel happy for their daughter's better health, and restart their teaching. In addition to that happiness, teacher Tran Huy Thong (The end of the pain Sai Gon Marketing Newspaper 8.3.2010) called and informed us that his disabled wife is pregnant. The child shall bring happiness to his family and the only hope for the treatment of Huy Bach's leukemia...


For nearly two years of the program Giving strength to teachers, and nearly two years of keeping contact with them, we receive phone calls from them every day. Being trusted and confided by them, we consider it as the success of the program. And the program hopes to write new stories of affection and gratitude in our itinerary of giving strength.




DongA Bank travels with Giving strength to teachers program.


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