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DongA Bank Organizing the 19th annual general meeting of Shareholders in 2010

In the morning of 12.3.2011, at the White Palace Conference Center, DongA bank has held 19th annual general meeting of shareholders with participation of leaders of the State Bank, Board of Director, General Management of DongA bank and hundreds of shareholders in the whole country. The meeting mainly focused on operation report in 2010 and development orientation in 2011.


Overview of 19th Annual general Meeting of stockholders 

 Meeting to be  presided by Leadership of DongA Bank - from left side: Ms. Vu Thi Vang - Standing Vice-chairman, Mr. Pham Van Bu - Chairman and Mr. Tran Phuong Binh - General Director of Dong A Bank

The year of  2010 ended with a bit higher economic growth than expected, but, there are also many challenges: inflation, interest rates, differences in exchange rates, trade deficit etc. However, with actual experience, waiting in front of advantages and disadvantages in the general context and with the goal of "Advancing and Sustainability" in 2010, Dona bank has successfully completed the main objectives to be set out at the beginning of this year such as: completing the increase of chartered capital to 4,500 billion dong, growth of total assets  of  55,873 billion dong (rising of 31.4% against that of  the beginning of year), total of mobilized capital of 47,756 billion dong (rising of 30% compared with that of the beginning of year), total outstanding loans of 38,436 billion dong (rising of 10.8% compared with that of the beginning of year) and profit of 858 billion dong. DongA bank’s trade brand continues to  be maintained  its strong position in the field of individual customers and banking technology, winning the support of almost 5 million customers for products and superior services such as Phone Banking, the new version of Mobile Banking, ATM gold Machines, DongA Multi-functional Card etc. These are the prominent markers that help DAB affirm its prestige and maintain its activity achievements.


Mr. Tran Phuong Bin sharing the operation results in 2010 with Shareholders

Answering of some comments by shareholders on the results of profits in 2010, Mr. Tran Phuong Binh – General Director of DongA bank, Member of Board of Directors said that "Pre-tax profit in 2010 reaching at 858 billion is a very honorable achievement of DongA bank. In addition, DongA bank also meets important criteria, such as high ROE rate, with 18.58%, capital adequacy ratio according to Circular 13 reaching of 10.84%, bad debt of 1.59%, dividend payment  ensuring for shareholders' interests and especially, with short time payment, compared with those in other banks and quarterly payment of dividends . "

Entering into 2011, although the situation of the world economy as well as Vietnam economy expectedly will be  much difficult, however, with sustainable resources and  fully-prepared quality in past few years, DongA bank is confident to set out ambitious targets but with steady foundation for acceleration phases, starting from 2011. Details can be that, with the orientation of "Development - Sustainability," important criteria will be given out, such as total assets increase of 70,000 billion dong (rising of 27% compared with that in 2010), profit of 1,300 billion (ising of  43% compared with that in 2010 ) and dividend payment for shareholders reaching at least 15% per year, outstanding loans to customers of 46,000 billion (ising of 20% compared with that in 2010), the total mobilized capital of 60,000 billion (ising of 26% compared with that in 2010).

Mr. Pham Van Bu – Chairman of Board of Directors presenting targets and plans in 2011

In order to implement the objectives set up in the year, DongA bank will focuson promoting the activities of capital mobilization and loan lending, raising the efficiency of investment activities, business and other subsidiaries, as well as efficiency of capital use. Besides, the existing products and services will be applied at maximum and developing more new products based on basic application of modern banking technology. DongA bank will also prioritize the control of the lowest operating costs, continuing to complete the executive management, improvement for the quality of the whole system, restructure of the organization, training and re- training and human resource, aiming at meeting the development needs of the system. Regime and policies must be completed for creating of incentives to encourage business units, subsidiaries, the functional blocks of the main headquarters, they are also a focus, this year. For medium and long term goals , DongA bank is oriented to be  the best financial group in Vietnam in 2015, in which , DongA bank keeps the core position and the member companies  promote the synergy strength, making a solid foundation for the formation of DongA financial Group


Mr. To Duy Lam – Vice Director of State bank, Hochiminh city branch – highly appreciated operation efficiency  as well as management ability of DongA bank’s leadership in the context of economic – social fluctuation in 2010

Speaking in the meeting, Mr. To Duy Lam - Vice Director of State Bank- HCM City branch highly appreciated operation efficiency as well as management ability of DongA bank’s leadership in the context of economic – social fluctuation in 2010. In addition, he also analyzes and shares more about the operation direction of the banking system in general, and DongA bank in particular, in current economic situation, as well as wishing shareholders to share, sympathize for pressures, difficulties and challenges faced by leaders of all banks.


Shareholders agree to vote for passing contents of meeting

The 19Th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has approved the charter capital increase from 4,500 billion to 6,000 billion, of which, existing shareholders are allowed to take of 600 billion and foreign partners to take of 900 billion. The rate of purchase rights for existing shareholders is 15:2; i.e. the existing shareholders holding 01 share will receive 01 right to buy, every 15 purchase rights will be benefited for 02 additionally issued shares. Time of share issuance expectedly is in quarter 4 in 2011, right after DongA completes all the necessary procedures and to be permitted securities offering. Regarding the distribution of profits in 2010, the dividend sharing to  shareholders will  be approved in the resolution of the Meeting with 14% per year. Alone those that were approved on 29.12.2010, they will be added 0.5% .
With the consent of 100% of the shareholders, the 19Th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of DongA bank has been held successfully and ends at 12h on the same day.

Some pictures taken in the Meeting: 


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