Export Collection
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1. Introduction

With DongA Bank's Export collection service, enterprises will no longer have to worry out about monthly money collection task. DongA Bank's professional and experienced staff will help enterprises to conduct all procedures from payment documents checking and transferring, payment reminding, payment monitoring to sending out notice of money receiving.


2. Product features

  • Export collection is carried out from export activities of Customers
  • Following and reminding of payment as well as crediting when partners making paymant.

3. Benefits

  • Fast,  accurate, safe and information security
  • Reasonable service fees
  • Enthusiastic and detailed instructions of procedures
  • To be considered for export finance loan with high discount rate and reasonable interest rate.

4. Fees and charges

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5. Documents

  • Documents of export, attached with bill of exchange
  • Letter of representation for export documents  ( according to form given by DongA Bank)
  • Trade contract.
  • Discounting contract for export document as specified in form given by DongA Bank ( in case of request for DongA Bank to make discount)


6. Contacts:

For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:



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