DongA EBanking expanding the service of Online payment for VASC and Linh Perfume

On 03/06/2010, DongA Bank officially expanded the service of Online payment for VASC Software & Communication Joint Stock Company (VASC) and Linh Perfume One Member Co., Ltd (Linh Perfume)  through DongA E-Banking.

Whereas, VASC ( is specialized in providing online products such as Pre-paid card code (Charging card code for cell phone, online study card, online game card, MyTV - IPTV service of VNPT); applications, software, ring music, background image, game etc. for cell phone; License of various types of software (anti-virus software, dictionary, study software etc). And Linh Perfune( /- the leading website on perfume in Vietnam) is specialized in such products as perfume, cosmetics, skin cream etc.

In order for quick purchase, safe payment and being convenient at both websites,  as well as those which DongA E-Banking has connected with (See List of Partners associated with DongA eBanking at, Customer, who is the owner of multi-functional card issued by DongA Bank, has registered for transfer/payment through DongA eBanking, can easily implement according to 01 of 03 following forms:

Internet Banking: Accessing the website by Computer connected with Internet or Cell phone connected with GPRS/Wifi/3G (applying DongA Mobile Internet Banking) and selecting the service (Bill payment).

SMS Banking: Writing SMS with the syntax DAB TT [Supplier code ] [Purchase order code] [SMS Code] and sending to 1900545464 or 8149 (wherein [Supplier code] of VASC is VASC and of Linh Perfume is LP)

Mobile Banking: Opening the window of  DongA Mobile Banking application, then selecting the service (Online payment).

With the connection with 02 more partners of VASC and Linh Perfune, DongA Bank not only brings its Customer with a huge and diverse online products but also provides a safe and convenient payment environment in order to optimally serve Customer's demand of shopping only by some clicks.


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