DongA eBanking expanding Online payment partners
On 13/01/2011, DongA Bank officially developed the service of Online payment for World of Winners Joint Stock Company (WOOW) in order to serve the clients having demand to charge BID in WOOD account to take part in the auction on the website Products auctioned on this website include electrical - electronic devices, household goods, cosmetics, foreign currencies etc. Clients will take part in the auction by charging BID (unit for auction at WOOW) in account and use BID to auction their favorite products.


Clients can charge BID in WOOW account directly on the website and make online payment by DongA multi-functional card account through DongA e-Banking:
  • Internet Banking: Accessing the website and selection the service of Online payment.
  • SMS Banking: Sending SMS with the syntax DAB TT [Supplier code] [Purchase order code] [SMS code] to 1900 545464 or 8149. In which, [Supplier code] of WOOW is WOOW.
  • Mobile Banking: Selection the service of Online payment on DongA Mobile Banking application and do as instructed.
In order to use the service, clients must be owners of Multi-functional cards issued by DongA Bank, having registered for transfer/payment services through DongA e-Banking (List of service partners)
Further information about services, please, access the website or call DongA Bank switchboard 1900545464 for instructions.

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