HCMC - Aiming to provide customers with best products and services, from 19/12 to 23/12/2011 DongA Securities (DAS) has introduced and implemented the new system for securities transactions. The 2 newly introduced products, DongA Pro and DongA Online are built in order to increase DongA Securities' flexibility when meeting customers' demands.  


DongA Pro is a package of services supporting transactions via software. This software can be installed on investors' personal computers and laptop, which is very convenient for investors who make transactions mostly via Internet. This is a premium service package, integrated with many other convenient functions and serves as a helpful supporting tool for investors. DongA Pro has within itself many outstanding functions such as:
  • Set up interfaces and parameters as per to customers' options. This new feature helps investors allocate prioritized information among other data on the same supervision screen.
  • Drawing Index diagram and important notifications from the system.
  • Quick purchase/sale with only a click.
  • Provide online Margin service.
  • Manage accounts by group.
  • Show investment value, estimated profit, loss calculated by group and total groups
  • Show advertising orders, agreement orders in the market
  • Show information on right exercise, additional issue
  • Sold securities in sparse batches, online register for purchase of additional issue
  • Show online price list of 3 securities floors, favorite price list, general price list
  • Integrate basic analysis, technical analysis into advanced features
  • Printout data into AmiBroker, MetaStock software
DongA Online is a package of services supporting transactions via website, suitable for investors who do not use fixed computer for transaction. It has such outstanding functions as:
  • Show important functions of the software right on sign-in screen.
  • Intelligent function bar which allows tidy arrangement.
  • Make order, consult information on accounts of group members.
  • Allow order dividing, order editing, order in bulk.
  • Interface for making order with lots of supporting information zones: money, securities, purchasing power, price list... in the same screen, helping customers to enter order, supervise status of order-making quickest
  • Quick purchase/sale with only a click.
  • Supply online Margin service
  • Show information on right exercise, additional issue
  • Sold securities of sparse batches, online register for purchase of additional issue
  • Integrate technical analysis tool
DongA Securities's 2 new products are both multi-functional, convenient systems, with high processing speed. The system is also integrated with lots of utilities which are not available in previous version. The specialists of DongA Securities have successfully developed many functions and convenient applications that are guaranteed to meet investors' demand. DAS has also invested in building infrastructure and transmission line to ensure accessing, processing and transmission speeds into securities platforms are fastest.  

"With DongA Pro and DongA Online, we strongly believe that this securities transaction software system will provide our customers and investors with highest satisfaction and top-notch services. We hope this will serve as another competitive edge for customers to choose and stay with DAS", said Mr. Bui Viet, Director of DongA Securities. 

For more information about the products, please contact:
Mr. Ly Thanh Nha - Mobile: 0908.420.474



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