From 01/04/2011 to 15/06/2011, DongA bank has deployed a promotional program of "Giving of belief, receiving of fortune".  This program is intended for customers deposit money or purchasing of bills in VND. According to the program rules, each customer, when joining in the transaction with a minimum deposit of 15 million or more, will take part in the spin a wheel for a prize of 100% of the prizes, with attractive and convenient gifts, such as: backpacks, travel bags, raincoats, clocks, glass cups etc. The program has a total value of gifts up to 3,057,000,000 dong (Three billion and seventy five million dong) and is applied across DongA bank system

Especially, when customer do transactions on savings or purchasing bill in VND to the amount – as the limit prescribed, customers have more attractive benefits: easy to buy foreign currencies with preferential prices. This form of promotion in the line of plan for "spot foreign currency selling to individuals going abroad" that was published on 23/03/2011 by DongA bank. They are the activities expressing pioneer of DongA bank in implementing the spirit of Resolution No.11 of the Prime Minister and address the legitimate needs for purchasing foreign currency of people. This also confirms that DongA bank is really reliable for customer to give belief, and enthusiastic support for products and services of the bank. Along with this outstanding works, "Give belief, receive fortune" of DongA bank is the next step in conquering faith and to give customers more benefits and more convenient services

“Give belief; receive fortune "is the first promotional program of DongA bank in 2011. Share of this program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Xuyen, Deputy General Director of DongA bank said: "Following the success of the program to mobilize capital of DongA bank in 2010, promotional program "Give beliefs, receive fortune" is implemented at the beginning of April, 2011 to enrich products and services and the best care to our customers. As the name "Give belief, receive fortune" we understand the deepest about needs for savings of customers, you do not just give an accumulated amount but also give all belief for our bank. Through the program, nothing more, we hope to bring the most affluent fortune to customers and to show the image of "a reliable companion of all” 


Any questions regarding this promotional program, please contact us at hotline 1900545464.



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