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Launching the 2nd contest of "Writing with Gratitude" - 2010

Hanoi, on 25/11/2010 at Military Theatre, Organization Board of "Writing with Gratitude" contest launched the 2nd contest in 2010. The contest is held by Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in coordination with Ministry of Education and Training, General Department of Vocational Training, DongA Bank and Vietnam Television, Tuoi Tre Newspaper and Voice of Ho Chi Minh City People (VOH).

With the expectation of 365 days in each year always being 20th November and with the most profound gratitude, the first contest of  "Writing with Gratitude" was held in 2009. After 5 months of launching (from 20/11/2009 to 20/4/2010) the contest has  attracted a great number of contestants and reaped impressive results. With 45,000 articles from 63/63 provinces, especially 28 articles from overseas, the "Writing with Gratitude" contest has shown its widespread power when creating conditions for Vietnamese at home and abroad to express their gratitude to the teachers. Especially, with the desire to save and introduce to readers nice hearts, beloved and sincere sentiments of Vietnamese students to their teachers, Organization Board of the contest decided to make Writing with Gratitude collection which consists over 140 excellent articles of the contest. The collection was officially published on 20/6/2010 - at the prize award ceremony.
Following that success, this year contest is held on the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher's Day 20/11 for everyone to share their true and meaningful stories, to feel the best things in life.

With thorough message "Each line of handwriting is a grateful word", the 2010 contest is once again held to convey thousands of grateful words, not only to teachers but also to parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues - who have given us profound lessons in life. It is also a difference compared to the 2009 contest. Besides, in order to increase the attractiveness of this year contest, in addition to the final prize valued over 180 million dong, good articles are also marked and monthly prizes are given to contestants, as well as to be published on Tuoi Tre newspaper and broadcasted on VOH.

Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh - Secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Youth Union, Head of Organization Board 
At the launching ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Dac Vinh, Secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Youth Union, Head of Organization Board stated that: "This contest has profound humanitarian meaning and to be close to pupils and students. I think the contest success is the gratefulness of Vietnamese people to great merit of teachers. So, I suggest that Communist Youth Union, Association actively propagandize the contest and wish teenagers and citizens, with their sentiment and gratitude, would actively take part in this meaningful contest".

Mr. Le Tri Thong, Vice General Director of DongA Bank, Vice Head of Organization Board told "Along with the television program Giving Strength to Teachers, the Honoring Top University Graduates Ceremony and many other education sponsoring programs, Writing with Gratitude contest is a big program held by DongA Bank in order to express and share the education companion orientation of DongA Bank. These activities are in the strategy of building humanitarian DongA Bank trade name with the commitments to education investment as a confirmation for its responsibility for the national development."

The contest started on 20.11.2011 and lasted until 20.4.2011. For further information about the contest, visit website

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