DongA Home 23/03/2011

Staffs of DongA Bank supporting and sharing with Japanese people

The whole world is directed towards Japanese, which is suffering the most sorrowful and difficult time

Vietnamese Party and Government have condoled, given their regards, encouraged and materially supported to Japanese Government and people. Vietnam Red Cross Association has also called to support Japanese people. Many agencies, organizations, individuals in HCMC and the whole country have been contributing money to help Japanese people in misfortune


Japanese people are resilient to fight successive disasters. Photo: Getty Image.



Sendai Airport in Japan is in confusion after the terrible earthquake on 11 March. CNN. Image:

With the awareness, affection and responsibility for the community, for difficult circumstances at home and abroad; also with existing tradition and culture of DongA Bank, since 23/3/2011, the whole staff of DongA Bank and member companies voluntarily have contributed half of their man-day to support victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Total contribution amount in phase 1 is 200 million dong.

Board of General Directors, Party Committee and Trade Union of DongA Bank sincerely thank to officers, employees and their families & relatives, who have promptly supported and shared with Japanese people in misfortune.

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