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Receiving Remittance in Vietnam

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1. Introduction:

Receiving remittance in Vietnam service has been developed by DongA Money Transfer Company in 63 provinces in Vietnam with over 210 transaction offices and branches. In 2008, DongA Money Transfer Company was elected by MoneyGram, a global remittance company, as a "Best Support in Product Launch"

2. Utilities

Receiving of remittance from overseas and remitting money to Customer's relatives in Vietnam.

3. Benefits

  • Completely free - Customers do not have to pay any fee for the service.
  • Unlimited amount of remittance, without declaration of remittance origin and income tax levy.
  • Customers receive remittance at any time (including holidays).
  • Customers can receive foreign currencies of USD, CAD, EURO, AUD, GBP, or they can exchange for Overseas national foreign exchange to receive Vietnam dong.
  • Diversified services of remittance receiving, suitable to each situation and Customer's demand: receiving at counter, at home or via ATM multi-functional card of DongA Bank & credit transfer payment.
  • Customer's information is always confidential.
  • Received cash is guaranteed to be new and fine.
  • Remittance receiving network of DongA Overseas national currency exchange covers 63 provinces with 210 branches and agencies.
  • Hotline 24/24: 1900.54.54.92 is always available and provide satisfactory answers to Customer's questions.

4. Fees and charges

Receivers do not have to pay any fee for the service.

5. Provisions for use

5.1. Receiving at counter: Customers should bring to transaction branches & offices of DongA Overseas National Currency Exchange the following information and documents:

  • Personal papers with photo issued by competent authority.
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) (if any).
  • Trader shall pay Customer remittance with receipt. The transaction will then be completed. Customers should put money in safe and secured place.

5.2. Receiving at home: staff shall bring money to Customer's home.

  • Our staff shall contact Customer in advance to make an appointment. Customer only needs to show personal papers with photo and Money Transfer Control Number (if any)
    • Customers residing in the centre of province, city shall receive remittance within 12 hours.
    • Customers residing in suburb or remote area shall receive remittance within 24 - 36 hours.
  • Our staff shall give remittance and receipt. The transaction is complete. Customer should put money in safe and secured place.

6. Q&As

See frequent questions and answers here.  

7. Contacts:
For more information, please call hotline 1900.54.54.92

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