PNJ - DAB Fine Gold Certificate of Deposit

 Gold is still profitable while you are taking a rest 

1. Introduction

  • Are you worried about currency devaluation and thus do not want to keep too much idle cash?
  • Do you have the demand for confidential and secured gold saving?
  • Do you wish to enjoy interests from your gold saving? 

PNJ – DAB fine gold certificate of deposit will be your reliable choice for saving. You will not need to worry about risk when saving cash, or currency devaluation. Moreover, customers can enjoy attractive interest rate. Collaborating with PNJ, DongA Bank assures you the finest  for the gold quality and best interest rate .

2. Utilities

  • Managing and securing of gold assets for Customers
  • Interest will be paid in each term of certificate.


3. Benefits

  • Can be used as a guarantee of financial ability for customers or their relatives when study overseas or travel abroad...
  • Customers can use deposit account as:
    • A guarantee for loan and overdraft facility at DongA bank.
    • An account to receive transfer (domestic and international)
    • Customer can receive earned interest from deposit account via DongA Bank Multi-functional card.  
  • Checking account balance through Internet Banking.
  • Authorizing others to receive money or deposit money on behalf of customer ( applicable from second transaction of that deposit account onwards ) .
  • Opening Co-ownership savings book : Savings book co-signed by 02 individuals or more
  • Customers can open deposit account in one branch and make transactions in any other branches of DongA Bank.  

4. Fees and Interest rate

5. Eligible ustomers

Vietnam citizens, Oversea Vietnamese or foreigners from 18 years old onwards, with resident time in Vietnam from 12 months or more, having sufficient legal and civil behavior capability and other individuals as regulated by  DongA Bank


6. Product features

  • Type of deposit:  Gold bar of Phuong Hoang PNJ – DongA Bank (PNJ – DAB)
  • Deposit term: 01, 02, 03, 06, 09, 12, 13, 18, 24, 36 và 60 months
  • Fixed interest rate throughout the deposit term.
  • Interest payment : Term- end 
  • Minimal balance to maintain of account: one gold ring ( for classic deposit certificate) or 05 ounces ( for ladder deposit certificate)
  • Withdrawal prior to maturity: not allowed

 DongA Bank commits:

  • The gold bar of Phuong Hoang PNJ - DongA Bank will be SOLD with price, which is not higher than that of SJC at the same time.
  • The gold bar of Phuong Hoang PNJ - DongA Bank will be BOUGHT with price, which is not lower than that of SJC at the same time.

Notes: The old design of Phuong Hoang gold bar is still valid for circulation.

  • The gold bar of PNJ – Dong A Bank (PNJ – DAB) is a product made under the collaboration of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company  and Dong A bank – One of the leading jewelry companies and leading banks in Viet nam .
  • Fabricated from  Pure Gold of 999,9 with modern equipment and technology from Italia and gone through management process according to Quality  Standard of ISO :9001, the gold bar of Phuong Hoang PNJ – DongA Bank meets all standards for quality, with various and sophisticated designs .

7. Registration

Fill in Deposit slip (as per DongA Bank sample), personal papers (ID, Passport).

  8. Contacts:

   For enquiries or further instructions, please contact:

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